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s o u n d t r a c k d v3
*\\music sounds better with you.
1st-May-2006 10:42 pm
It's summer here, maybe spring if you're elsewhere. Summer spells heat, swimming, iced teas, grinding, beachtripping, your skin sticking to furniture, parties, flowers blooming, raves, and dancing. Here are some of my favorite summer songs (others have already been featured).

Please tell me if you've got problems downloading the songs, and I'll upload them elsewhere. ^^

track 01: Clazziquai feat. Tablo- Love Mode
Language: Korean/English
Comments: I'm sure everyone in the whole world has this song already, but I'm putting it up anyway because it's one of the perfect summer songs. Around two years ago, when I first saw Clazziquai on Pops in Seoul on the Arirang channel, they seemed so indie. And now they've caused an influx of aspiring electronica artists in Korea. Love Mode is typical up-tempo Clazziquai fare, Alex and Horan singing, with Tablo from Epik High helping out. The blending of their voices and the sound is excellent, as usual. AND ZOMG IT'S CATCHY. Don't be caught without this for spring/summer.
Download: here || Official
Buy: Vol. 4: Pinch Your Soul

track 02: Belanova- Mi Pregunto
Language: Mexican Spanish
Comments: Belanova is an electronic pop trio from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico (which is also where Gael Garcia Bernal was born). Its members are Denise Guerrero (vocals), Edgar Huerta (programming + keyboards), and Ricardo "Richie" Arriola (bass). So far they have two albums, Cocktail (2003) and Dulce Beat (2005). I like both immensely.

Although it's not fair to either artist, would it help if I say that they're like a Mexican Clazziquai? Although (1) Denise's voice isn't sultry like Horan's, but fresher and more naive-sounding, with a hint of naughtiness, like a Morning Musume girl's (Maki Goto, I guess), but not as painfully cute; (2) Denise does all the vocalwork; the guys stick to their instruments. Mi Pregunto is an upbeat number that's perfect for when you're cruising in your car.
Download: here || Official
Buy: Dulce Beat

track 03: The BABYSTARS- Sunday
Language: Japanese
Comments: The BABYSTARS are Tanaka Akihito on vocals, Takahashi Rikiya on guitar, Azami Tomaru on drums, and Ichikawa Yousuke on piano. Since their debut in 2002, they've done the 3rd opening theme for One Piece (Hikari e, and the ending theme for Yakitate!! Japan.

Sunday is a bright, cheery rock song, so different from all the ART-SCHOOL I used to post a lot of. And the PV for it is so cute. It's just video of a girl's feet, walking around Japan. Go watch it on YouTube!! You'll like the song more.
Download: here || Official
Buy: laugh to love

track 04: m-flo feat. Wheesung- I'M DA 1
Language: Korean/English
Comments: A group that, really, needs no introduction (thank God). You can't have a summer/spring rotation without and m-flo song. Verbal starts off quickly with his machinegun Konglish rapping, then Wheesung slows it down with his usual inhibition-melter voice. Then it picks up speed again, alternating between quickening and slowing down. Wheesung interrupts Verbal's rap in all the right places. It's an m-flo song. They rarely come out with bad stuff. Haul ass to download!

Trivia! Verbal's actually Korean, but he studied in Japan, where he hooked up with Taku.
Download: here
Buy: Beat Space Nine

track 05: Def Tech- Consolidation Song
Language: Japanese/English
Comments: Def Tech call themselves a 'Jawaiian Reggae unit' since Shen's Hawaiian (and does the English rapping, which isn't harsh-sounding like his American contemporaries, and is quite pleasant) and Micro's Japanese (and takes care of the Japanese rapping). Apart from 'My Way', Consolidation Song is one of the songs on their album 1x2 that stand out the most. It's laid back, soothing (to some point), perky but not too-cute rap. I don't know whether to start waving a lighter or dancing when I hear this song. I dare you to NOT sway/headbop/foot-tap to this song. I triple dog dare you. Oh yes. You shall ignore the English lyrics!
Download: here || Official
Buy: Def Tech

track 06: Ryohei Yamamoto feat. Verbal- onelove
Language: Japanese
Comments: Ryohei Yamamoto's back, back again. Ryohei Yamamoto's back, tell a friend... yeah. Seriously, Ryohei needs more love. For newbies to t3h Ryohei, he was featured along with melody. on m-flo's single Miss You, plus he did vocalwork for Heartsdales and GTS. He released an album back in 2004 called Take Over, which (to me, anyway) was one of those perfect albums, where every song is good, nothing is filler, and you can't bear to skip a song, everything is amazing. But that's just me. Voice quality? Rich, soulful, and sexy. Inhibition-melter. And his English is pretty good.

onelove doesn't differ much from his other tracks on Take Over, and I think that's a good thing. A mid-tempo R&B song with an infectious beat, with the addition of Verbal's sexy ear candy.
Download: here 2 3 (Sendspace)|| Official
Buy: onelove (Single)

track 07: Urbandub- First of Summer
Language: English
Comments: Urbandub is a popular quartet from Cebu here in the Philippines, with Gabby Alipe (vox and guitar), Lalay Lim (bass), John Mendoza (drums) and John Dinopol (lead guitar). All of their songs are in English, because they say it's the only language/dialect they can write songs in. They do emorock and kick ass. First of Summer, an adrenaline rush in song form, is their second single from their third album, Embrace.

The music video for this (which you can watch here) perfectly captures what the song is about: the temporary freedom that summer brings, the total rush of being young, and sharing it with someone you like. Just hearing it makes me want to jump in a car and drive to the hills.

I absolutely love it towards the end when Gabby pauses when he breathes: "Parked car! Night sky!" (-->more randomness) But seriously, if you get nothing else, DOWNLOAD THIS.
Download: here || Official
Buy: I don't think it's available online. If you're from Manila, though, it'd be pretty easy to find.

track 08: UVerworld- Ai ta Kokoro
Language: Japanese
Comments: I have a soft spot for rap. And I don't mean all that angry/bling&bitches MTV rap. (Okay, maybe there are a few exceptions.) If you watch Bleach, then maybe you're already familiar with them; they did D-tecnoLife, the second opening theme.

Ai ta Kokoro starts softly, with Takuya∞'s urgent, almost whispery vocals, then the rap part comes in (I have been unable to determine whether Takuya∞ also does the rapping for UVerworld, as what research I've done shows that the group doesn't have a rapper), and the song just... explodes.

If you like move, UVerworld's pretty much in the same vein, a rock song with singing and rapping parts. Except I like UVerworld more. I can't find a move song I like. Really, give this a try. They're on my 'Bands to Download More From in 2006' list.
Download: here || Official
Buy: Timeless

track 09: Super Kidd- Let Me Dance
Language: Korean/English
Comments: It's hard not to listen to Let Me Dance and not feel like dancing. You've got your police sirens, catchy riffs, rapping, a catchy chorus, the jumpy-fun feel of the whole song... it's disco-punk (or as the group Pedicab would say, 'dunk'). It's like Psycho Le Cemu on a sugar high. I'm running out of words. Just download already and listen for yourself.
Download: here
Buy: Vol. 1: Super Kidding Time

track 10: Se7en feat. Teddy- I Know
Language: Korean
Comments: I heard that this was a remake of a Seo Taiji song, which I would love to hear (hint hint). Se7en's version doesn't deviate from his typical style: pop/dance tracks heavily influenced by R&B, with ZOMGCATCHY beats. Watch the MV if you can, too. (SE7EN IN A BATHTUB!) Oh yes. The Sendspace file will say 'It's Difficult'. That's because that was how Babelfish translated it. Yes.
Download: here 2 || Official
Buy: 24/7

track 11: Quruli- World's End Supernova
Language: Japanese/English
Comments: I hope no one's tiring of all the Quruli that sneaks its way into my rotations. I'm sorry, I can't help it. World's End Supernova is an epic (when I see the word 'epic' to describe music on other rotation sites, I think of orchestras and Vikings, for some reason, and end up not downloading the song at all. And when I see the word 'catchy' used to describe a song, I download it immediately -->off-topic blabbing) electronica/pop/rock song from the quartet from Osaka. You'd think that the catchy, repetitive beats clash with Kishida's slow emo, slightly nasal drawl, but the result is something sonically gorgeous, something you'd want to get up and dance to.
Download: here || Official

track 12: Modjo- Lady (Hear Me Tonight)
Language: English
Comments: I had a hard time finding this because I thought it was an Enrique Iglesias song. Their voices are that similar. Great rave music.
Download: here
Buy: Modjo

track 13: GTS feat. Ryohei Yamamoto- Absolute
Language: Japanese/English
Comments: This song is so infectiously techno. It strangely reminds me of trains and lasers and outer space. And Travelling by Utada Hikaru, despite the fact that they sound nothing alike. Take that as you will. Excellent mixing and Ryohei's pantymelter of a voice (although this is more evident on his ballads and R&B tracks)= hot summer song.

I am so glad that Ryohei Yamamoto didn't disappear or fade into obscurity after the release of his first album. He definitely needs more love, so expect more Ryohei Yamamoto in future rotations.
Download: here 2 (Sendspace)|| Official (GTS)
Buy: electheque

track 14: Joosuc- Hip Hop Music
Language: Korean
Comments: Yes, I am of the soft spot for hiphop/R&B. Hip Hop Music isn't the hard rap song you're expecting (I don't really like those anyway), but a fun, catchy song about, uh, hip hop music. Lim Jeong Hee's powerful vocals compliment Joosuc's rapping. She was also featured in Wang Lee Hom's song Perfect Interaction, which I also liked.
Download: here || Official
Buy: Vol. 4: Seoul City's Finest: Superior Vol. 2


track 15: Def Tech- Catch the Wave
Language: Japanese/English
Comments: Off Def Tech's latest album. Slower than Def Tech's usual songs, although not ballad-y at all. Catchy still. And even though I can't get over the fact that despite the presence of somone who's probably got a great grasp of the English language, the English lyrics always seem to be shoddily written. Doesn't really matter, I guess. Just try to ignore it if you're picky about things like that. It's really a nice song, despite the choice of lyrics.
Download: here || Official
Buy: Catch the Wave

track 16: Super Junior- Miracle
Language: Korean
Comments: What's a summer/spring-themed rotation without a Korean boyband? Super Junior is SM Entertainment's latest addition to their stable of lucrative talented artists, among whom are BoA and Dong Bang Shin Gi. So far, there are 12 of them (The members, in order from oldest to youngest, are Ee Teuk, Hee Chul, Han Kyung, Yeh Sung, Kang In, Shin Dong, Sung Min, Eun Hyuk, Dong Hae, Shi Won, Ryeo Wook, and Ki Bum. Thanks to Wiki for the info) Miracle is your typical feel-good-y pop song about how the miracle of love changes things. Awww. I'm a sucker for these kinds of songs. And the eye candy helps, too.
Download: here || Official
Buy: Super Junior 05


Bump of Chicken
Arue PV
Harujion PV
Lamp PV
Melody Flag PV
Only Lonely Glory PV
Ritopureiba PV
Stage of the Ground PV 2

Morning Musume:
Do It! Now!
Go Girl! Koi no Victory!
Happy Summer Wedding
Love Machine
Renai Revolution 21
SEXY BOY ~Soyokaze ni Yorisotte~
Shabondama (Asia Mix)
Sou Da! We're Alive!
Summer Night Town
The Peace!

Clear Sky PV
Dramatic Neo Anniversary PV
Hill PV
Yuugai no Tenshi PV

Aoi Sora PV
Baby I Love You PV
Birthday PV
Harukaze PV



Hey guys, sorry for the late update. To call my first year at college hectic would be the understatement of the year. ^^ But it's summer, I'm back, and thrilled to play DJ once again.

Oh right. I have requests too. I will love you and bear your children if you can help me out (or not).
1. W's (not the H!P group) album Where the Story Ends. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF CHEESE.
3. ANY SUNEO HAIR PVs, besides Wake mo Shiranaide
5. ANY SUPERCAR PVs (apart from White Surf Style 5 and BE) and albums (apart from OOHYeah!)

I've decided to grant requests! I'll post my music list ASAP, so keep checking back! ALSO. I APOLOGIZE FOR RAPING YOUR F-LISTS WITH THIS HUGE-ASS POST. YES.

Next rotation: MAY 30
THEME: TBA (Suggest a theme?)

5th-May-2006 01:06 am (UTC)
Okay, I've changed the link. ^^
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