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20th-Nov-2005 11:15 pm
Before this theme won and I did my research, I didn't realize that there were so many songs with the words 'Cherry' and 'Honey', particularly (but not limited to) the J-music scene. ^^

track 01: Annie- Chewing Gum
Comments: When Norwegian pop sensation Annie and pop producer Richard X work together, the result is some pretty explosive, catchy technopop. Alright, Chewing Gum suffers the same fate as most Europop, with uninspired (but undeniably amusing) lyrics, and an insanely, unashamedly catchy, glam-pop beat. I haven't heard her other tracks, but with her moniker 'the Scandinavian Kylie Minogue', I'm hoping to hear more from Annie.
Download: here || Official
Buy: Anniemal

Comments: INDUSTRIAL SALT is a femme duo of Alex Stamp on vocals and electric piano, and Haley Bonnick on guitar and backup. Since I'm taking up Chemistry this sem, I thought it was amusing to note that they got their name from a Chemistry book that Haley was doing her homework with. They're actually Brits, but they're trying to make names for themselves in Japan first because they're sick of a Simon-Cowell-powered music industry in the UK, hence my discovery of them on an album I'd downloaded a long time ago, ASIAN KUNG FU GENERATION Presents Nano-Mugen Compilation, which has a lot of other lesser known artists like DOGS DIE IN HOT CARS and STRAIGHTENER.

Sugar Bomb Baby is yet another insanely catchy offering, with Alex's cutesy (although far from Morning Musume fare) vocals.
Download: here || Official
Buy: A Pocket Full of Magnetic Letters or ASIAN KUNG FU GENERATION Presents Nano-Mugen Compilation

track 03: HOT- Candy
Comments: I actually discovered the MV of this before the actual song. The MV is amusing, to say the least. If seeing a really young Kang Ta and the other HOT guys dancing around in baggy clown suits and trying to win the heart of a Western Snow-White-type girl works for you, then you'll love the MV. (Okay, I did.) Candy isn't really outstanding as far as Korean pop goes, but it's a fun song to get up and go nuts to. The rapping parts still make me laugh. ^^
Download:: here
Buy: HOT Volume 1

track 04: Morning Musume- Sukiyaki
Comments: Like Korea's attempts to revive trot, Japan has been trying to revive the enka genre, which has been around since the Meiji Era. Some groups like KanJani8 (an enka boyband) have been specifically formed to revive the genre, while other singers like Ken Hirai (whose hair you must love) and MoMusu just dip their toes in the enka waters.

When I first listened to this song a year ago, my first reaction was "WTF?!", as it was not typical a ballad or a dancy-dancy-happy-happy Morning Musume song. It's just a crazy folk song. About sukiyaki. (Which, if I remember my cooking lessons correctly, does not taste good.) The song, however, still has the trademark craziness and quirkiness of a typical Morning Musume song. I suppose this was one of those songs that made me question Tsunku's sanity. Hmm.
Download: here || Official
Buy: Ai no Dai 6 Kan

track 05: BUCK-TICK- Black Cherry
Comments: When I listen to Black Cherry, I feel like I'm in a strip club, or that someone's stripping. Atsushi Sakurai possesses one of those magical voices that could turn sweet, Beth-March type girls into Paris Hiltons. He makes you want to climb on poles and do things you'd normally never do. I couldn't find any translations on Google, so I decided to Babelfish it. I ended up with nothing but gibberish, but it did come up with some sexual connotations. And it does contain the word 'stripper' in it, which makes me smile. Indeed, Atsushi Sakurai, like good wine, is better with (middle) age.
Download: here || Official
Buy: Mona Lisa Overdrive

track 06: Cibo Matto- Birthday Cake
Comments: I'd be insane to do a food-themed rotation without Cibo Matto. Cibo Matto, the New York-based Japanese duo of Miho Hatori and Yuka Honda, exploded on the American music scene in 1996, with their debut album Viva La Woman, along with other acts like Shonen Knife and Pizzicato Five, all three of which were compared to each other. (Although I don't like Shonen Knife's music.) Lots of people dismissed their music, called them a 'novelty' group, because of their quirky lyrics about food, and their strange experimental styles. In reaction to their critics, the duo released Stereo Type A, which incorporated styles ranging from soul and funk to bossa nova, hiphop, and electric pop. Cibo Matto officially retired in 2002. Miho Hatori went on to do a few tracks with Gorillaz as the voice of 2-D. She also has her own album out. Likewise, Yuka has gone on as a solo artist, with three albums out.

Birthday Cake was the first song I ever heard of Cibo Matto's (which means 'food madness' in Italian), upon reading a write-up for a soundtrack I can no longer remember. Like all Cibo Matto songs, it's got these strange lyrics about eating a birthday cake with no questions asked, with a rock/hip-hop beat, with Miho yelling out the lyrics in her passable (although accented) English.
Download: here || Official || Miho Hatori Official || Gorillaz Official || Yuka Honda Official
Buy: Viva La Woman, Stereo Type A, Yuka Honda- Memories Are My Only Witness, Miho Hatori- Ecdysis

track 07: Barenaked Ladies- Alcohol
Comments: I love the Barenaked Ladies. They make good music, they don't have sticks up their asses, kiss each other onstage, and tell the audience before shows to donate their Kraft Dinners to charity instead of heaving it on them when they play If I Had $1,000,000. And they're Canadian. Alcohol is your typical BNL song, in that it makes fun of what should be something serious. I particularly like the line Would you please ignore that you found me on the floor/Trying on your camisole? If you haven't been BNL'd before, check them out now.
Download: here || Official
Buy: Stunt

track 08: Hoku- How Do I Feel? (The Burrito Song)
Comments: Hoku Ho is the daughter of legend Don Ho (the Tiny Bubbles guy, This was popular in the Philippines a couple of years back, when I still believed in the good of radio. She may be more well-known for her song Perfect Day, which was featured on the Legally Blonde soundtrack. While she has been compared to the other pop primadonnas Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, I feel that she's closer to a hybrid Maria Mena-Michelle Branch-Avril Lavigne, with a little less kick than Maria. Hoku hasn't come out with another album since the release of her self-titled debut. How Do I Feel is probably the millionth and one breakup song in the whole wide world, but it's still one worth at least one listen.
Download: here
Buy: Hoku or Legally Blonde OST

track 09: Angry Salad- The Milkshake Song
Comments: I used to be hooked on The Jenny Jones Show so badly, which, for those of you who don't know it, was kind of like a female Jerry Springer-type show. Trash TV, basically. One day, they had this musical guest on, and their name was so amusing that I took note of it, and wrote down the lyrics so I could Google it later on. The band was Angry Salad, and this was the song they played.

Some people have compared to the Barenaked Ladies, but I think that they lack the cheek and songwriting abilities of the Ladies. They do, however, make very stick-in-your-head hooks. They also did a cover of Nina's 99 Red Balloons, which you should also check out after you download this song. ~__^ Since their self-titled debut, they have disbanded, and have reformed as Star64.
Download: here
Buy: Angry Salad

...Ingtrack 10: Jay Chou- Malt Candy
Comments: Okay, I know everyone must have November's Chopin already, but this fit the theme so well. Plus I like it. The song starts out with a country-ish feel to it, with a fiddle (or violin), and then Jay comes in, rap-singing his lines, a style which he, Wang Lee Hom, and Edison Chen must have perfected by now. The lyrics are both sweet and silly, and jam-packed with metaphors, about how maltose sugar reminds Jay of his childhood in the countryside, and a certain girl he used to explore it with. Overall, it's a feel-good pop song that conveniently fits my theme. Other sites say that the song is 'Malt Syrup', but Jay-Chou.net says it's Malt Candy.
Download: here || Official Official (HK)
Buy: November's Chopin

...Ingtrack 11: Wu Yue Tian- Yi Ke Ping Guo (One Apple)
Comments: Wu Yue Tian, or Mayday, is a Taiwanese rock group led by Ashin, with Ming (drums), Masa (bass), Monster and Stone (guitars). The artists they listen to make themselves known in their work: Original Love (which I think is an indie Cantopop group), Mr. Children, The Beatles, Dave Gilmore, and Luo Ba You. To date, they have five albums, the last one being the critically hailed Time Machine, which I found in Chinatown. ^^

One Apple is off Mayday's 2001 'farewell' album, or the last album they did before they entered military service. It's a bouncy, energetic song that's characteristic of the lighter side of Mayday. However, when they do more serious rock pieces, they really go and rock out. This album also has Hou Niao, or Migratory Bird, which they did with GLAY (the first Mayday song I ever heard). I'll upload Hou Niao sometime before the year is over, but in the meantime, enjoy One Apple.
Download: here || Official
Buy: People Life, Ocean Wild

...Ingtrack 12: Eraserheads- Fruitcake
Comments: The Eraserheads were formed by Ely Buendia (frontman, guitars), Raimund Marasigan (drums, samples, vocals), Marcus Adoro (lead guitars), and Buddy Zabala (bass), and revived a rock revolution in the Philippines, a welcome respite from the big-hair pop of the late 80s. They blended together catchy hooks with lyrics that youth could easily relate to (persevering, homosexuality, lost love, being in love with a colegiala or college girl, who, according to Filipino stereotypes, are snooty and stuck-up, etc.), and fusing into them a uniquely Filipino brand of humor. They debuted in 1993 with their album Ultraelectromagneticpop, and disbanded in 2002, when Ely Buendia abruptly left, and formed his own group, The Mongols. He also changed his name to Jesus 'Dizzy' Ventura. The remaining members of the Eraserheads formed another group with new vocalist Kris Gorra Dancel, called Cambio.

I discovered The Eraserheads pretty late, after the release of their last album Carbonstereoxide in 2001. By then they had gone into their experimentation phase, much like Radiohead with OK Computer and Oasis with Be Here Now. (Was it that?) Some journalists have proclaimed them as The Beatles of the Philippines, and, true to that label, somewhere in the middle of the song it cuts to I am the Walrus by The Beatles, and Ely starts singing in the same way John Lennon does. Although it's almost near impossible to pick a favorite Eheads song, Fruitcake would definitely be there. It's a good, solid rock song. The song is all in English.

Okay, fine. I did cakes twice.
Download: here
Buy: Anthology

...Ingtrack 13: 5566- Wasabi
Comments: 5566 are probably Taiwan's Morning Musumes, in terms of all the gimmicks they have. They were named such because they were five guys (leader Tony Sun, Jason Hsu, Sam Wang, Zax Wang, and Rio Pang) with six talents: singing, dancing, hosting, endorsing, acting, stage performing. True enough, they endorse potato chips, have starred in countless doramas (off the top of my head, they have appeared in My MVP Valentine, Westside Story, Top of the Forbidden City, Ai Shang Qian Jin Mei and Mr. Fighting) and TV variety shows, and have nine albums under their belt. Sam Wang (my sort-of favorite member) also happens to be in the boy group 183 Club, who also starred in the Taiwanese dorama, Frog Prince. Rio left after sustaining injuries while filming My MVP Valentine.

Wasabi is one of my favorite 5566 tracks, a dancy, up-tempo song with lots of weird random noises and talking. While the song mostly flaunts Tony's vocals, the others get to show off their harmonizing skills as well.
Download: here
Buy: Long Time No See (that's their latest album. Wasabi is available on 5566's first album, but it doesn't seem to be available on YesAsia.)

...Ingtrack 14: SweetS- Love★ Raspberry Juice
Comments: SweetS is composed of five cutesy, Lolita-ish (and I mean this in the Vladimir Nabokov way, not the rorikon type) 14-15 year-old girls: Akiko Kashiwagi, Ayaka Yoshimuri, Haruna Takewa, Miori Takimoto, and Mai Iwasaki. They're currently under avex, probably hoping to ride the 'Japanese fascination with youth,' as the host of Japanorama said.

Love★ Raspberry Juice (yes, the star is really there) is an unabashed dance-pop song. I guess the closest comparison to their sound is the old Mini Moni, with Aibon, Nozo, and Mari, or maybe Hello!Kids. Even though they sing about seemingly more mature things, SweetS still sound like the little girls they really are. While I still have no idea what exactly they're singing, here are some of the lyrics: Give me your love/Your body/I like it/Yeah Yeah. Wheeeeee.
Download: here
Buy: SweetS
Lyrics: here

There you go, folks, the second rotation that almost never was! Do place your votes for the next theme BEFORE DECEMBER 4. Categories are:


Also, if anyone could make any banners/avatars for soundtrackd, I'd be utterly grateful. ^__^ Enjoy the music!
22nd-Nov-2005 11:48 am (UTC)
took 5566 and Mayday. Thanks!
22nd-Nov-2005 12:37 pm (UTC)
You're welcome! Enjoy the music! ^__^
22nd-Nov-2005 01:12 pm (UTC)
I took 5566, thanks.
And I love H.O.T.s 'Candy' and SweetS 'Love★ Raspberry Juice ' such good songs.

And vote: PLACES. Sounds interesting! ^^
22nd-Nov-2005 01:21 pm (UTC)
You're welcome! I hope you like the 5566 song. ^^
22nd-Nov-2005 01:55 pm (UTC)
taking Mayday, thank you ! :-)
23rd-Nov-2005 10:06 am (UTC)
You're welcome. Enjoy the Mayday love! ^__^
22nd-Nov-2005 08:51 pm (UTC)
Downloaded Hoku, Mayday, and 5566. Thanks =D
23rd-Nov-2005 10:21 am (UTC)
You're welcome! 5566 and Mayday seem to be popular choices around here. *makes mental note* Enjoy the music! ^__^
22nd-Nov-2005 11:54 pm (UTC)
Took 5566 and Mayday! Thanks for the songs!

Are we supposed to vote? Then I vote for... FAMOUS PEOPLE! ^_^
22nd-Nov-2005 11:57 pm (UTC)
Took EVERYTHING. :D :D :D I vote... uhm. Famous people. :3 I'd like to see what comes up. Thank you. :3
23rd-Nov-2005 03:30 am (UTC)
Hope you don't mind if I friend you (am in awe at all the shiny songs). Didn't take anything this time though because I have most of the songs.
23rd-Nov-2005 10:22 am (UTC)
I don't mind at all. ^__^ I friended you back, too.
23rd-Nov-2005 04:48 am (UTC) - Ugh... I seriously need a LJ account
Omgosh... and to think I almost missed this. xD I'm so hungry now... considering I haven't eaten anything healthy or solid in about 2 days. x_x

Oh! *raises hand* I'd love to make a banner link thingyamabob for you. ^^ I'll get to it right away if you don't mind.

P.S. this is Naoko btw xD
23rd-Nov-2005 10:26 am (UTC) - Re: Ugh... I seriously need a LJ account
Aww, thanks for the offer! Thank you so much. ^^ And I think you should eat something healthy and solid as soon as possible. ^__^
23rd-Nov-2005 12:47 pm (UTC)
Nabbed a bunch! Thank you!
23rd-Nov-2005 03:42 pm (UTC)
Props on the Eraserheads track. XD
26th-Nov-2005 12:20 am (UTC)
How I love them. ^__^
24th-Nov-2005 12:29 am (UTC)
Tada! All done ^^ I saved it as a .png because it looked crappier as a .gif


Huh. I noticed I forgot to vote. A rotation about animals sounds very interesting ;)
24th-Nov-2005 06:30 am (UTC)
Again, thank you so much! I can't do pretty graphics things myself. I would if I could. ^^;;
25th-Nov-2005 06:49 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much <3

I took HOT's Candy, How Do I Feel, & The Burrito Song.

as for voting, I think my vote would go towards the third option, animals. :)

I have a question? do you mind if we reupload files in comments or.. @_@ I feel kind of bad just taking them w/o contributing ._. Is that okay?
26th-Nov-2005 12:19 am (UTC)
I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean. ^^;;
27th-Nov-2005 03:48 am (UTC)
Took Jay Chou and vote for Famous People. Thanks!
29th-Nov-2005 05:46 am (UTC)
thank you ^ ^
i took 5566
1st-Dec-2005 01:41 am (UTC)
Grabbed Buck-Tick. Thank you!!
4th-Dec-2005 04:33 pm (UTC)
Took Jay Chou. Thanks ^__^ I really love the "theme rotation" idea.
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