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MIXTAPE 1: My Favorite Songs! 
2nd-Jun-2006 01:42 pm
I was reading a kind of former friend's LJ a while back, and he mentioned reading a book written by this old rockstar who was feeling depressed because of the advances in technology, musicwise, how we all have all the music we want in the backs of our pockets, in our iPods and mp3 players. He said that when he was young, mixtapes were the thing, and special care was given to making them, because you wanted every tape to be special, since back then making one wasn't really as easy as dragging a file into your iTunes.

So I've decided to make you guys a sort of mixtape (if you will) of all my favorite songs as of late. They've fueled me, picked me up, made me dance, cry, angsty, and inspired. Without further ado, songage for all. Thanks to everyone who follows soundtrackd! ^^

track 01: Suga Shikao- 19sai
Language: Japanese
Comments: After graduating from Tokyo University (0__o smartness!), Suga Shikao worked at an ad agency until he released his debut album, Clover. His work has appeared in Japanese music textbooks and anime such as Honey and Clover and xxxHolic (this song is the opening theme). Apart from being a part of Fukumimi (a group made up of artists under the Office Augusta label, namely: Chitose Hajime, Masayoshi Yamazaki, KYOKO, and COIL), he also hosts a nighttime radio program called Night Stories Monday on the J-Wave radio station, which you can also download as a podcast.

Needless to say, I wasn't really impressed when I first heard Suga Shikao's music in Honey and Clover. I guess I wasn't listening to the right stuff, because 19sai really rocks. I actually downloaded the PV on a whim, since someone said that it was great when you were reading lemons, and that there probably has never been a better PV with butterflies, photography, and sex. She was right.

I must say that this song made me change my mind about Suga Shikao. The catchy riff at the beginning hooks you immediately, then there's Suga Shikao's masculine voice (he sounds like another Jrock singer, but I can't put my finger on it), and then the chorus welds together the riff, his voice, and a catchy beat, and it's an aural orgasm. My description really does no justice to this song. It's best if you download it. ^^
Download: here || Official || Sugar: A Suga Shikao Fansite
Buy: 19sai (Regular Edition)

track 02: Gomes the Hitman- Ashita wa Kyouto Onaji Mirai
Language: Japanese
Comments: I first heard this when I watched an episode of Otogizoushi: The Legend of Magatama out of curiosity; it was the opening theme. Ashita wa Kyouto Onaji Mirai is a very laidback, cheery acoustic pop song with excellent, catchy guitar work. It reminds me of walking in a bright forest on a perfect summer morning. And as I love clapping and whistling in songs, this one ranks high with me. Unfortunately, there's not much information available in English about Gomes the Hitman (pity, because I want to hear more of them!), but apparently they've developed a cult following in Japan, and have been around for over 10 years.
Download: here || Official
Buy: Asu wa kyo to Onaji Mirai

track 03: Kangta & Vanness- Scandal
Language: Korean/English
Comments: Kangta used to be part of the group H.O.T, until they broke up and he went solo. Vanness Wu remains a part of the Taiwanese group, F4, best known for starring in the sensational dorama, Meteor Garden.

I think Kangta and Vanness pairing up is the smartest marketing move ever. It covers ALL bases. Kangta's got Korea, Vanness has China/Taiwan/HK, and their fanbase extends beyond these countries. It also helps that these are two very good-looking boys with amazing voices and undeniable talent. But I digress. I LOVE THIS SONG. It's got a powerful beat that makes you want to get up, forget your inhibitions, and grind against a stranger on the dance floor. It's fun, funky, a must-download if you don't have it yet. Vanness' rapping is amusing, if not corny; it cracks me up when he says 'Coz your lips/Be so fresh and so clean. The English version is also great; you get to hear Kangta say 'crunk!'
Download: here || Official
Buy: Scandal

track 04: Wang Lee Hom- Ge Er Men (Brotherhood)
Language: Chinese (Mandarin)
Comments:Alexander Wang Lee Hom was born in New York, studied music at Williams College, and earned an MA in Jazz Piano & Composition at the Berklee College of Music. He's involved in many aspects of music production, from writing lyrics, composing songs, playing various instruments, and directing his own music videos. He debuted in 1995 with the album Love Rival Beethoven.

Wang Lee Hom's always been a fantastic artist, but these past two albums, Shangri-La and Heroes of Earth, where he mixed traditional Chinese music with rap and hiphop (a genre he called 'chinked-out'), were particularly mind-blowing. Ge Er Men is an excellent mid-tempo rap song, which deserves some attention besides his singles Perfect Interaction and Kiss Goodbye.

And while this may not mean much, I just wanted to share a Lee Hom experience of my sister's friend. She went to the night market in Taiwan, and it just so happened that he was around. He talked to her and her aunt, asked her about her school, what her name was, how old she was, that sort of thing. While my sister and I freaked out when she told us about this, as she had no idea who he was until then. She reported that 'his English was good', 'he was nice', 'his English name is Alexander', and 'he was good-looking'. I wanted to strangle her then and there... had she not been miles away from me.
Download: here || Official || US Fan Club Homepage || Lee Hom Online
Buy: Heroes of Earth

track 05: Maki Goto- Glass no Pumps
Language: Japanese
Comments: Maki Goto was the only 5th generation member of the genki-genki all-girl group Morning Musume. Her debut single with MoMusu, Love Machine, became the first #1 hit for the H!P group. She went solo in 2001 with the debut single Ai no Bakayarou, which remains the only Hello! Project solo release to get to number 1 on the Oricon charts.

I love Maki Goto. She can be cute, sexy, hot, a boy... and I'd still like her. Sadly, this does not extend to her singles. I liked Uwasa no Sexy Guy, and... that was it. Her videos were kind of boring, too. But this has restored my faith in Gocchin. Glass no Pumps is a fun, catchy dance-glam-pop song that suits Maki's vocals best. The PV is extremely hot too.
Download: here || Official
Buy: Glass no Pumps

track 06: Edison Chen feat. Kary Ng & Chopstick MC- Saai Hei Part 3
Language: Chinese (Cantonese)
Comments: Edison Chen is almost always heavily criticized for having no talent, when it comes to either music or acting. But Edison Chen is undeniably one of HK's most popular and productive celebrities, talent or no.

Saai Hei (Waste of Breath) Pt. 3 is an excellent hiphop track from Edison Chen (who's a so-so singer, but a good rapper)'s album Hazy The 144 Project. The rapping by Edison and his 'crew' (I don't know anyone there except Chopstick MC) contrasts and meshes perfectly with Kary Ng (formerly of Cookies, and the lead singer for Ping Pung)'s vocals.
Download: here
Buy: Edison Chen: The Best Collection -- I can't find the special edition of Hazy on YesAsia. That one has Saai Hei Pt. 3.

track 07: Supercar- Yumegiwa Last Boy
Language: Japanese
Comments: Supercar is (was?) a four-piece pop/rocktronica group with Koji Nakamura on vocals, Junji Ishiwatari on lead guitar, Miki Furukawa on vocals and bass, and Kodai Tazawa on drums and vocals. They did most of the music for the movie Ping Pong, starring one of my favorite Japanese actors, Yosuke Kubozuka. They disbanded in 2005.

Supercar is another one of my 'too-late' discoveries, those bands I fall in love with after they've disbanded. YUMEGIWA LAST BOY is a lazy poptronica piece, perfect for listening to while driving on open roads, or background music when you're reading a book. Koji does the singing on this track, and I definitely prefer Koji's voice to Miki's. So download.
Download: here || Info
Buy: A

track 08: Tony An- Yutzpracachia
Language: Korean
Comments: Tony An (An Seung Ho) used to be part of the famous group H.O.T (High-Five of Teenagers), undoubtedly the most popular group of the 90s. When the group disbanded in 2001 due to contract problems, Tony, along with Lee Jae Won and Jang Woo Hyuk, left to form the group JTL, while Kang Ta and Moon Hee Jun stayed with SM Entertainment as solo artists. Tony is currently the CEO of Tn Entertainment, and owns a school uniform company called Skoolooks. To date, he has released two albums.

There are few men with voices that melt your clothes. On my list, there's Ryohei Yamamoto, Wang Lee Hom, Na Won Ju, Lee Seung Gi, Wang Guang Liang, Ken Hirai, and Tony An. What Tony An lacks in the looks department, he makes up for with his music. No kidding. This man is amazing, vocally. Yutzpracachia is a midtempo R&B song with a catchy beat and Tony's heartfelt vocals.
Download: here || Info
Buy: Yutzpracachia's Love

track 09: The Cross- Green Dream
Language Korean
Comments: Discovered this completely by accident while browsing through the now-defunct Z-Degrees.net (*lights a candle*). This was the only song I liked after picking through their single. What amazes me most about this song is how the different styles (at first it sounds like a cheer song, then it turns into a rap song, then a pop song, the a rock song) come together so nicely and sound RIGHT. Plus the layering of the voices (there are three guys; one sings, one raps, and the other makes sounds. It's really awesome) works really well to make this a high-energy song. Great for driving.
Download: here
Buy: Annyoung doesn't seem to have their album. ^^;;

track 10: at17- Bin Bin Bin
Language: Chinese (Cantonese)
Comments: at17 is a Cantonese girl duo composed of Eman Lam and Ellen Joyce Loo, who, compared to groups such as Twins and Cookies, seem to focus on the quality of their music rather than on the quantity of singles. Their band name comes from the Janis Ian song At Seventeen, which they also did a cover of. Because of their insightful lyrics and folktronica style of music, they appeal to high school girls and university students.

I LOVE at17. I don't know whether it's because I'm a girl, or I'm a university student. And usually I don't like this stuff. Bin Bin Bin is a fun, upbeat song with carefree, easy vocals and a catchy chorus. And even if your Cantonese is rusty, or nonexistent, you'll feel like singing along. A real feel-good song.
Download: here || Official
Buy: YesAsia doesn't seem to stock the album Bin Bin Bin.

track 11: Bump of Chicken- Little Braver/RITOPUREIBA
Language: Japanese
Comments: RITOPUREIBA is yet another excellent song from BoC, one that's forced its way into my list of favorite BoC songs. The vocalist's voice reminds me of Riki Kinoshita's (ART-SCHOOL) sometimes, in that it can be really gritty and yet so packed with emotions that even though your grasp of Japanese is hovering between a few words to nonexistent, you feel that you can understand what he's getting out. And when he lets loose and yells, it's fantastic. I bet if I saw him at a live, waves of raw emotion would be emanating off him.
Download: here || Official
Buy: I don't know what album this is on. ^^;;

track 12: Ai Otsuka- Smily
Language: Japanese
Comments: Ai Otsuka debuted with Avex Trax in 2003 with the single Momo no Hanabira. Apart from starring in the dorama Tokyo Friends, she has also acted in several commercials. Her songs have also been used in doramas (PLANETARIUM was used in Hana Yori Dango) and commercials (Friendger was used for a Toshiba commercial). She has released three albums to date: Love Punch, Love Jam, and Love Cook. She currently hosts a radio show called Otsuka Ai no ai-r jack, and is qualified to teach kindergarten.

Ai Otsuka surprises me. I guess it's how she can do serious stuff like PLANETARIUM and light, bouncy, downright perky stuff like Smily. Smily is the ultimate get-happy song, which is really what the song is all about: being happy and smiling. :)
Download: here || Official
Buy: Love Cook

track 13: 3B☆LAB.S- Let's HappiecE! Life
Language: Japanese
Comments: 3B☆LAB.S came up with its name because its original three members, Kenji Okahira, Takatoshi Chiba, and Masahiro Tamakoshi all had the blood type B. The S was added later, when two other guys joined, and it so happened that their names both started with the letter S.

Based on the PV, and the lyrics 'very very happy wedding' in the chorus, I'm pretty sure this is a wedding song, albeit pop-punkified. Hearing this song always makes me want to fling cake at someone. Love it.
Download: here || Official
Buy: Tasogare EVOLUTION

track 14: Alan Kuo- Wake Up
Language: Chinese (Mandarin)
Comments: Alan Kuo's probably best known for doing the opening theme (Ling) of the Taiwanese drama (which also happens to be my favorite), Mars, starring F4 member Vic Zhou and Barbie Xu. He's released one self-titled album in 2005, and has starred in a few movies. His songs also appear on many soundtracks for movies, and dramas. His dad, who was a daredevil/famous stuntman (this is what my grandmother, who is also my source for Chinese showbiz gossip, tells me), died recently in a car accident.

Wake Up shows off Alan's rich, powerful vocals. His vocals seem to be the complete opposite of Lee Hom's; Alan's got more of a raw edge, which fits the more rock-ish style of music he does, while Lee Hom's polished voice suits his ballad/hip-pop style. This song was also featured in the Chinese version of Spiderman II.
Download: here || Official
Buy: Alan Kuo

track 15: Clash- Bow Whan
Language: Thai
Comments: Clash is a five-piece Thai rock band. Its members are Preeti Barameeanand (Bank) on vocals, Thanapol Rueksompus (Pol) and Thapana Na BangChang (Hack) on guitar, Sukrit Sripaoraya (Soom) on bass, and Anad Darbpettikorn (Yak) on drums. They first got together under the name LUCIFER, and eventually changed their name to Clash, which made it very, very difficult to Google their info.

Another one of my accidental discoveries. Someone uploaded their full album, and since I'd never heard any Thai music before, in Thai (apart from Bird Thongchai McIntyre), I decided to give it a shot.

Needless to say, I was pretty impressed. Off their album Emotion, this is probably the softest and calmest of them all. Nell is probably the closest I can compare them to, but only on this song. Their other songs are harder and have got more of a rock edge. I like the lead singer's voice because, apart from the fact that it's distinct, it's a bit rough and raw, like many of the male vocalists I've been rotating. (Beginning to notice a pattern?) I just love voices that quiver with emotion.
Download: here || Clash Fanboard (in Thai)
Buy: Emotion

track 16: NRG- Hurray for Koreans!
Language: Korean
Comments: NRG, or New Radiancy Group, was formerly a five-member boy group composed of Lee Sung Jin, Chun Myung Hoon, No Yoo Min, Kim Hwan Sung, and Moon Sung Hoon. Hwan Sung died on June 15, 2000, while Sung Hoon left in 2005.

This was NRG's song for last year's FIFA World Cup, I think (Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong). Sadly, I don't have any more NRG songs so I can't compare them or give any more insightful information. All you need to know is that I love this song, it's so high-energy, peppy, catchy, and you should download it. :)
Download: here
Buy: I don't know which album it's on. ^^;; Feel free to enlighten me.

track 17: Ellegarden- My Favorite Song
Language: Japanese
Comments: I first listened to when someone put up their indie album for grabs. After dismissing them as Blink 182/Good Charlotte sound-alikes, I burned their album off my computer and never thought about them again. Until I downloaded the Makenshi Radio Spring Mix, which had My Favorite Song on it, which changed my opinion of the band.

While they still sound a lot like Blink (the vocalist's voice seems to be emulating that of Tom's from Blink), it's still a great song to rock out and jump around to. Indeed, it has become (one of) my favorite song(s).
Download: here || Official



For zerosexappeal, whose journal seems to have been deleted:
Epik High- I Remember (70s Soul Remix)

For kenderkin88:
Clazziquai- Cat Bossa
Clazziquai- Color Your Soul (amusingly, Savefile says that the file is 6.66 mb.)

P.S. I'm sorry! My main computer's motherboard died on me before I could get the rest up. For now I'm stuck on my laptop. Once I buy a new motherboard, I'll get the rest up.

For 2socks:
5566- Wasabi

Requests are open, of course. Just drop a line here.

Next rotation: June 30
Theme: TBA (Suggest a theme?)
2nd-Jun-2006 05:52 pm (UTC)
got Smily, thanks
2nd-Jun-2006 06:20 pm (UTC)
Grabbed everything ._. I really like your choices! Thank you

Keep posting, I love what you do
2nd-Jun-2006 06:28 pm (UTC)
I took the Kangta & Vanness, because I'd wanted to hear some of theirs, and I really love the song, thanks very much for upping it!

I used to love making mix tapes when I was a kid, this is a cool idea.
2nd-Jun-2006 06:52 pm (UTC)
Awesome rotation. I had fun reading the descriptions, and went "lol" at your cousin's Lee Hom encounter. (He sounded a bit stalkerish there though.) Much love to you for sharing at17 too. *loves them as well*

As for the music, I downloaded more than healthy amounts here. Scandal, Brotherhood, Yumegiwa Last Boy, Yutzpracachia, Green Dream, RITOPUREIBA, and Wake Up. Thanks! XD
2nd-Jun-2006 07:25 pm (UTC)
Wow! It's fantastic to find a rotation site with so many things I've been trying to find more of. *squee!* Taking Suga Shikao, SUPERCAR, NRG, ELLEGARDEN, and Clazziquai.
2nd-Jun-2006 08:27 pm (UTC)
I took track 13, thank you! I need a happy song for today.
2nd-Jun-2006 09:09 pm (UTC)
I'm downloading the 3b LAB song!! Thank you so much!
2nd-Jun-2006 10:16 pm (UTC)
wooo tony an!! i didnt know he came out with a new album!
2nd-Jun-2006 10:39 pm (UTC)
took ellegarden, 3b lab , otsuka ai, and the cross
2nd-Jun-2006 10:50 pm (UTC)
Thank you for Gomes the Hitman. I was addicted to that song after watching the show, but wasn't able to findthe full version anywhere. :)
3rd-Jun-2006 02:49 am (UTC)
ooo i took the edison chen one! thanks for the share. :)
3rd-Jun-2006 06:12 am (UTC)
took kangta & vanness, at-17, bump of chicken, and the first Clazziquai (I hope that's okay?) Thanks!
4th-Jun-2006 06:34 am (UTC)
Wow! I just know that Lee hom was graduating from Berklee College of Music. Since one of my close friends is studying there, too. Kewl!

Btw i am downloading the Scandal one ;) Thanks for sharing!
4th-Jun-2006 11:22 am (UTC)
Thanks for the uploads!!took most of the japanese songs and bin bin bin!i'm really in love with at17!glad i finally managed to find someone who appreciate their music too!Just want to ask, do u happen to have their chinese song, Xing Xing?i'm really having a hard time trying to get this song!

By the way, the downloads for the files on share2net are missing,should be track 1 and 2, is it possible to reupload them again?Thanks once again!
4th-Jun-2006 03:11 pm (UTC)
I'm not really sure if I have Xing Xing, but I will look for it. ^^

Alright, I'll replace the links on Share2Net (definitely not using that again). Sorry for the hassle.
4th-Jun-2006 07:58 pm (UTC)
Took Lee Hom. And I'm totally jealous of your sister's friend. To meet Wang Lee Hom, AH!

7th-Jun-2006 05:02 pm (UTC)
took a couple, THANKS!
8th-Jun-2006 11:44 am (UTC) - ming
OMG!!! haha your selection is freakin awesome ne. it's all really good and love reading your comments on the music. it's very helpful. i love anything by tony an, wang lee hom ^^ so i'm soo happy. scandal by vanness and kangta is really good aye. haha, love the beat and lyrics. thankyou~~
8th-Jun-2006 09:34 pm (UTC)
I ran off with so much! Tony An (because the Ryohei comparison intrigued me-- I LOVE his voice, mmmmm...); Bump of Chicken (I agree with you, sometimes you just "get" the message, on an emotional level, from the music & vocals even when there's a language barrier); Clash (never heard any Thai music, and I dig NELL, so I'm curious); 3B*LAB.S (I'm all for flinging cake!); and The Cross (high energy + great for driving = sounds like fun). And I'll probably grab Alan Kuo while I'm at it.

I would've grabbed Suga Shikao (I love his voice too), Wang Lee Hom, Ellegarden, Clazziquai and Supercar, but I've already got 'em (probably many are thanks to you - I've gotten a lot of albums after sampling stuff from your rotations). So, anyways, thanks again!
10th-Jun-2006 12:36 am (UTC)
Took Wang Lee Hom, Maki Goto, Green Dream, and Smily
Merci buckets! :)
11th-Jun-2006 02:27 pm (UTC)
11th-Jun-2006 08:59 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much for the awesome uploads! I took... a lot of them.
Tony An simply makes my insides melt. I love him that much. lol.
"Scandel" makes me hang my head in shame. Parts of it are just...*sigh* I'm sure you get what I mean. "...or you'll get yourself smacked up like 2pac" *shakes head*

I really enjoyed this set of songs. I hadn't heard of a lot of them, but I do like all that I got. So thanks again!
1st-Aug-2006 02:20 pm (UTC)
great idea x3 I love mixtapes *__* Me an my friends also make mixtapes for each other^^
Hm I'll listen to your songs x3
8th-Sep-2006 03:09 am (UTC)
leeching (lols j/k) but just wannted to comment.
it's awesome how you hve a basic bg of the artists / songs & stuff cuz most musickk rotations dont do that! so GREAT JOB!
hmm; let's see what i took? LEEHOM! agh. he's so cool (too bad he's also too OLD!)ooh & edison chen. his looks really ... are good for an HK-er. (compared to koreans! & taiwanese!) HAHAHA. there was a chinese superman II? whoas. its hilarious how everything american gets translated! :)

--prettttyy long reply, though not compared to your humongo ^^essay up there. :) btw. nice to meet ya XD
25th-Sep-2006 06:51 am (UTC)
Maki was actually the sole 3rd generation member, not 5th gen. ^^;
9th-Feb-2007 07:02 pm (UTC)
took a bunch, thanx!
14th-Dec-2008 10:52 pm (UTC)
hi :-)
i know that it's been a while since you wrote this post but, i was wondering, could you (re)upload the NRG's song (if you still have it)? i'm searching for their songs but it seems really hard to find them ç_ç
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