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18th-Mar-2007 09:38 pm - i'm not dead yet!
I attribute the lack of updates to three things:

1. School, and various subjects that I am horrible at that are raping my overall grade 8D;
2. My HD crashing; and
3. Laziness.

However, summer vacation's coming up, so expect more updates. YES! More updates. More, frequent updates. I'll try to get them up ASAP. Yay! :D

Enjoy the rest of the season, guys.
13th-Jun-2006 11:12 am - PV List
I've decided to get into the whole massive video uploading gig as well. Will be adding more every week, so keep checking back!

Please comment if you download anything, and report broken links if you find any. If you'd like to help out and upload stuff, that would be great, too.

PVsCollapse )
2nd-Jun-2006 01:42 pm - MIXTAPE 1: My Favorite Songs!
I was reading a kind of former friend's LJ a while back, and he mentioned reading a book written by this old rockstar who was feeling depressed because of the advances in technology, musicwise, how we all have all the music we want in the backs of our pockets, in our iPods and mp3 players. He said that when he was young, mixtapes were the thing, and special care was given to making them, because you wanted every tape to be special, since back then making one wasn't really as easy as dragging a file into your iTunes.

So I've decided to make you guys a sort of mixtape (if you will) of all my favorite songs as of late. They've fueled me, picked me up, made me dance, cry, angsty, and inspired. Without further ado, songage for all. Thanks to everyone who follows soundtrackd! ^^

track 01: Suga Shikao- 19sai
Language: Japanese
Comments: After graduating from Tokyo University (0__o smartness!), Suga Shikao worked at an ad agency until he released his debut album, Clover. His work has appeared in Japanese music textbooks and anime such as Honey and Clover and xxxHolic (this song is the opening theme). Apart from being a part of Fukumimi (a group made up of artists under the Office Augusta label, namely: Chitose Hajime, Masayoshi Yamazaki, KYOKO, and COIL), he also hosts a nighttime radio program called Night Stories Monday on the J-Wave radio station, which you can also download as a podcast.

Needless to say, I wasn't really impressed when I first heard Suga Shikao's music in Honey and Clover. I guess I wasn't listening to the right stuff, because 19sai really rocks. I actually downloaded the PV on a whim, since someone said that it was great when you were reading lemons, and that there probably has never been a better PV with butterflies, photography, and sex. She was right.

I must say that this song made me change my mind about Suga Shikao. The catchy riff at the beginning hooks you immediately, then there's Suga Shikao's masculine voice (he sounds like another Jrock singer, but I can't put my finger on it), and then the chorus welds together the riff, his voice, and a catchy beat, and it's an aural orgasm. My description really does no justice to this song. It's best if you download it. ^^
Download: here || Official || Sugar: A Suga Shikao Fansite
Buy: 19sai (Regular Edition)

track 02: Gomes the Hitman- Ashita wa Kyouto Onaji Mirai
Language: Japanese
Comments: I first heard this when I watched an episode of Otogizoushi: The Legend of Magatama out of curiosity; it was the opening theme. Ashita wa Kyouto Onaji Mirai is a very laidback, cheery acoustic pop song with excellent, catchy guitar work. It reminds me of walking in a bright forest on a perfect summer morning. And as I love clapping and whistling in songs, this one ranks high with me. Unfortunately, there's not much information available in English about Gomes the Hitman (pity, because I want to hear more of them!), but apparently they've developed a cult following in Japan, and have been around for over 10 years.
Download: here || Official
Buy: Asu wa kyo to Onaji Mirai

track 03: Kangta & Vanness- Scandal
Language: Korean/English
Comments: Kangta used to be part of the group H.O.T, until they broke up and he went solo. Vanness Wu remains a part of the Taiwanese group, F4, best known for starring in the sensational dorama, Meteor Garden.

I think Kangta and Vanness pairing up is the smartest marketing move ever. It covers ALL bases. Kangta's got Korea, Vanness has China/Taiwan/HK, and their fanbase extends beyond these countries. It also helps that these are two very good-looking boys with amazing voices and undeniable talent. But I digress. I LOVE THIS SONG. It's got a powerful beat that makes you want to get up, forget your inhibitions, and grind against a stranger on the dance floor. It's fun, funky, a must-download if you don't have it yet. Vanness' rapping is amusing, if not corny; it cracks me up when he says 'Coz your lips/Be so fresh and so clean. The English version is also great; you get to hear Kangta say 'crunk!'
Download: here || Official
Buy: Scandal

track 04: Wang Lee Hom- Ge Er Men (Brotherhood)
Language: Chinese (Mandarin)
Comments:Alexander Wang Lee Hom was born in New York, studied music at Williams College, and earned an MA in Jazz Piano & Composition at the Berklee College of Music. He's involved in many aspects of music production, from writing lyrics, composing songs, playing various instruments, and directing his own music videos. He debuted in 1995 with the album Love Rival Beethoven.

Wang Lee Hom's always been a fantastic artist, but these past two albums, Shangri-La and Heroes of Earth, where he mixed traditional Chinese music with rap and hiphop (a genre he called 'chinked-out'), were particularly mind-blowing. Ge Er Men is an excellent mid-tempo rap song, which deserves some attention besides his singles Perfect Interaction and Kiss Goodbye.

And while this may not mean much, I just wanted to share a Lee Hom experience of my sister's friend. She went to the night market in Taiwan, and it just so happened that he was around. He talked to her and her aunt, asked her about her school, what her name was, how old she was, that sort of thing. While my sister and I freaked out when she told us about this, as she had no idea who he was until then. She reported that 'his English was good', 'he was nice', 'his English name is Alexander', and 'he was good-looking'. I wanted to strangle her then and there... had she not been miles away from me.
Download: here || Official || US Fan Club Homepage || Lee Hom Online
Buy: Heroes of Earth

track 05: Maki Goto- Glass no Pumps
Language: Japanese
Comments: Maki Goto was the only 5th generation member of the genki-genki all-girl group Morning Musume. Her debut single with MoMusu, Love Machine, became the first #1 hit for the H!P group. She went solo in 2001 with the debut single Ai no Bakayarou, which remains the only Hello! Project solo release to get to number 1 on the Oricon charts.

I love Maki Goto. She can be cute, sexy, hot, a boy... and I'd still like her. Sadly, this does not extend to her singles. I liked Uwasa no Sexy Guy, and... that was it. Her videos were kind of boring, too. But this has restored my faith in Gocchin. Glass no Pumps is a fun, catchy dance-glam-pop song that suits Maki's vocals best. The PV is extremely hot too.
Download: here || Official
Buy: Glass no Pumps

track 06: Edison Chen feat. Kary Ng & Chopstick MC- Saai Hei Part 3
Language: Chinese (Cantonese)
Comments: Edison Chen is almost always heavily criticized for having no talent, when it comes to either music or acting. But Edison Chen is undeniably one of HK's most popular and productive celebrities, talent or no.

Saai Hei (Waste of Breath) Pt. 3 is an excellent hiphop track from Edison Chen (who's a so-so singer, but a good rapper)'s album Hazy The 144 Project. The rapping by Edison and his 'crew' (I don't know anyone there except Chopstick MC) contrasts and meshes perfectly with Kary Ng (formerly of Cookies, and the lead singer for Ping Pung)'s vocals.
Download: here
Buy: Edison Chen: The Best Collection -- I can't find the special edition of Hazy on YesAsia. That one has Saai Hei Pt. 3.

track 07: Supercar- Yumegiwa Last Boy
Language: Japanese
Comments: Supercar is (was?) a four-piece pop/rocktronica group with Koji Nakamura on vocals, Junji Ishiwatari on lead guitar, Miki Furukawa on vocals and bass, and Kodai Tazawa on drums and vocals. They did most of the music for the movie Ping Pong, starring one of my favorite Japanese actors, Yosuke Kubozuka. They disbanded in 2005.

Supercar is another one of my 'too-late' discoveries, those bands I fall in love with after they've disbanded. YUMEGIWA LAST BOY is a lazy poptronica piece, perfect for listening to while driving on open roads, or background music when you're reading a book. Koji does the singing on this track, and I definitely prefer Koji's voice to Miki's. So download.
Download: here || Info
Buy: A

track 08: Tony An- Yutzpracachia
Language: Korean
Comments: Tony An (An Seung Ho) used to be part of the famous group H.O.T (High-Five of Teenagers), undoubtedly the most popular group of the 90s. When the group disbanded in 2001 due to contract problems, Tony, along with Lee Jae Won and Jang Woo Hyuk, left to form the group JTL, while Kang Ta and Moon Hee Jun stayed with SM Entertainment as solo artists. Tony is currently the CEO of Tn Entertainment, and owns a school uniform company called Skoolooks. To date, he has released two albums.

There are few men with voices that melt your clothes. On my list, there's Ryohei Yamamoto, Wang Lee Hom, Na Won Ju, Lee Seung Gi, Wang Guang Liang, Ken Hirai, and Tony An. What Tony An lacks in the looks department, he makes up for with his music. No kidding. This man is amazing, vocally. Yutzpracachia is a midtempo R&B song with a catchy beat and Tony's heartfelt vocals.
Download: here || Info
Buy: Yutzpracachia's Love

track 09: The Cross- Green Dream
Language Korean
Comments: Discovered this completely by accident while browsing through the now-defunct Z-Degrees.net (*lights a candle*). This was the only song I liked after picking through their single. What amazes me most about this song is how the different styles (at first it sounds like a cheer song, then it turns into a rap song, then a pop song, the a rock song) come together so nicely and sound RIGHT. Plus the layering of the voices (there are three guys; one sings, one raps, and the other makes sounds. It's really awesome) works really well to make this a high-energy song. Great for driving.
Download: here
Buy: Annyoung doesn't seem to have their album. ^^;;

track 10: at17- Bin Bin Bin
Language: Chinese (Cantonese)
Comments: at17 is a Cantonese girl duo composed of Eman Lam and Ellen Joyce Loo, who, compared to groups such as Twins and Cookies, seem to focus on the quality of their music rather than on the quantity of singles. Their band name comes from the Janis Ian song At Seventeen, which they also did a cover of. Because of their insightful lyrics and folktronica style of music, they appeal to high school girls and university students.

I LOVE at17. I don't know whether it's because I'm a girl, or I'm a university student. And usually I don't like this stuff. Bin Bin Bin is a fun, upbeat song with carefree, easy vocals and a catchy chorus. And even if your Cantonese is rusty, or nonexistent, you'll feel like singing along. A real feel-good song.
Download: here || Official
Buy: YesAsia doesn't seem to stock the album Bin Bin Bin.

track 11: Bump of Chicken- Little Braver/RITOPUREIBA
Language: Japanese
Comments: RITOPUREIBA is yet another excellent song from BoC, one that's forced its way into my list of favorite BoC songs. The vocalist's voice reminds me of Riki Kinoshita's (ART-SCHOOL) sometimes, in that it can be really gritty and yet so packed with emotions that even though your grasp of Japanese is hovering between a few words to nonexistent, you feel that you can understand what he's getting out. And when he lets loose and yells, it's fantastic. I bet if I saw him at a live, waves of raw emotion would be emanating off him.
Download: here || Official
Buy: I don't know what album this is on. ^^;;

track 12: Ai Otsuka- Smily
Language: Japanese
Comments: Ai Otsuka debuted with Avex Trax in 2003 with the single Momo no Hanabira. Apart from starring in the dorama Tokyo Friends, she has also acted in several commercials. Her songs have also been used in doramas (PLANETARIUM was used in Hana Yori Dango) and commercials (Friendger was used for a Toshiba commercial). She has released three albums to date: Love Punch, Love Jam, and Love Cook. She currently hosts a radio show called Otsuka Ai no ai-r jack, and is qualified to teach kindergarten.

Ai Otsuka surprises me. I guess it's how she can do serious stuff like PLANETARIUM and light, bouncy, downright perky stuff like Smily. Smily is the ultimate get-happy song, which is really what the song is all about: being happy and smiling. :)
Download: here || Official
Buy: Love Cook

track 13: 3B☆LAB.S- Let's HappiecE! Life
Language: Japanese
Comments: 3B☆LAB.S came up with its name because its original three members, Kenji Okahira, Takatoshi Chiba, and Masahiro Tamakoshi all had the blood type B. The S was added later, when two other guys joined, and it so happened that their names both started with the letter S.

Based on the PV, and the lyrics 'very very happy wedding' in the chorus, I'm pretty sure this is a wedding song, albeit pop-punkified. Hearing this song always makes me want to fling cake at someone. Love it.
Download: here || Official
Buy: Tasogare EVOLUTION

track 14: Alan Kuo- Wake Up
Language: Chinese (Mandarin)
Comments: Alan Kuo's probably best known for doing the opening theme (Ling) of the Taiwanese drama (which also happens to be my favorite), Mars, starring F4 member Vic Zhou and Barbie Xu. He's released one self-titled album in 2005, and has starred in a few movies. His songs also appear on many soundtracks for movies, and dramas. His dad, who was a daredevil/famous stuntman (this is what my grandmother, who is also my source for Chinese showbiz gossip, tells me), died recently in a car accident.

Wake Up shows off Alan's rich, powerful vocals. His vocals seem to be the complete opposite of Lee Hom's; Alan's got more of a raw edge, which fits the more rock-ish style of music he does, while Lee Hom's polished voice suits his ballad/hip-pop style. This song was also featured in the Chinese version of Spiderman II.
Download: here || Official
Buy: Alan Kuo

track 15: Clash- Bow Whan
Language: Thai
Comments: Clash is a five-piece Thai rock band. Its members are Preeti Barameeanand (Bank) on vocals, Thanapol Rueksompus (Pol) and Thapana Na BangChang (Hack) on guitar, Sukrit Sripaoraya (Soom) on bass, and Anad Darbpettikorn (Yak) on drums. They first got together under the name LUCIFER, and eventually changed their name to Clash, which made it very, very difficult to Google their info.

Another one of my accidental discoveries. Someone uploaded their full album, and since I'd never heard any Thai music before, in Thai (apart from Bird Thongchai McIntyre), I decided to give it a shot.

Needless to say, I was pretty impressed. Off their album Emotion, this is probably the softest and calmest of them all. Nell is probably the closest I can compare them to, but only on this song. Their other songs are harder and have got more of a rock edge. I like the lead singer's voice because, apart from the fact that it's distinct, it's a bit rough and raw, like many of the male vocalists I've been rotating. (Beginning to notice a pattern?) I just love voices that quiver with emotion.
Download: here || Clash Fanboard (in Thai)
Buy: Emotion

track 16: NRG- Hurray for Koreans!
Language: Korean
Comments: NRG, or New Radiancy Group, was formerly a five-member boy group composed of Lee Sung Jin, Chun Myung Hoon, No Yoo Min, Kim Hwan Sung, and Moon Sung Hoon. Hwan Sung died on June 15, 2000, while Sung Hoon left in 2005.

This was NRG's song for last year's FIFA World Cup, I think (Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong). Sadly, I don't have any more NRG songs so I can't compare them or give any more insightful information. All you need to know is that I love this song, it's so high-energy, peppy, catchy, and you should download it. :)
Download: here
Buy: I don't know which album it's on. ^^;; Feel free to enlighten me.

track 17: Ellegarden- My Favorite Song
Language: Japanese
Comments: I first listened to when someone put up their indie album for grabs. After dismissing them as Blink 182/Good Charlotte sound-alikes, I burned their album off my computer and never thought about them again. Until I downloaded the Makenshi Radio Spring Mix, which had My Favorite Song on it, which changed my opinion of the band.

While they still sound a lot like Blink (the vocalist's voice seems to be emulating that of Tom's from Blink), it's still a great song to rock out and jump around to. Indeed, it has become (one of) my favorite song(s).
Download: here || Official



For zerosexappeal, whose journal seems to have been deleted:
Epik High- I Remember (70s Soul Remix)

For kenderkin88:
Clazziquai- Cat Bossa
Clazziquai- Color Your Soul (amusingly, Savefile says that the file is 6.66 mb.)

P.S. I'm sorry! My main computer's motherboard died on me before I could get the rest up. For now I'm stuck on my laptop. Once I buy a new motherboard, I'll get the rest up.

For 2socks:
5566- Wasabi

Requests are open, of course. Just drop a line here.

Next rotation: June 30
Theme: TBA (Suggest a theme?)
4th-May-2006 06:47 pm - ☆ROTATED MUSIC☆
Leave a comment on this entry if you would like me to reupload anything for you. (I know the frustration of missing out on a song you've been looking for) 3 songs, max. Requests will be uploaded on the next rotation.

Oldest rotations to the newest ones:

☆11.03.05. The Rainy Day Ensemble☆
Barbie's Cradle- Everyday
Bonnie Pink- Do You Crash?
Bonnie Pink- So Wonderful
Brown Eyes- Love (I Wanna Fall in Love)
Cafe Tacuba- Avientame
Clazziquai- Color Your Soul
Clazziquai- Tattoo
Dubmatique- Memoires
Epik High- I Remember (70s Soul Remix)
Jo Kyu Chan- I Sleep Better
Rip Slyme- Tasogare Surround
W- Bubble Shower
Yo La Tengo- Center of Gravity
ZE- Orange Day

☆11.20.05 Gastronomique☆
5566- Wasabi
Angry Salad- The Milkshake Song
Annie- Chewing Gum
Barenaked Ladies- Alcohol
BUCK-TICK- Black Cherry
Cibo Matto- Birthday Cake
Eraserheads- Fruitcake
Hoku- How Do I Feel? (The Burrito Song)
H.O.T.- Candy
Jay Chou- Malt Candy
Morning Musume- Sukiyaki
SweetS- Love☆Raspberry Juice
Wu Yue Tian (Mayday)- Yi Ke Ping Guo (Apple)

☆12.05.05. Here They Come, the Beautiful Ones☆
Angela- Ni Hao, Zhou Jie Lun
ART-SCHOOL- Fiona Apple Girl
ART-SCHOOL- Winona Ryder Android
BUCK-TICK- Mona Lisa
Falco- Rock Me Amadeus
Harry and the Potters- Save Ginny Weasley
Lords of the Rhymes- Nine Fingered Frodo
My Little Airport- Gigi Leung is Dead
Nell- Peter Pan is Dead
Quruli- Amadeus
Shifty- Lolita
Tony Goldmark- Sirius Black
Weezer- Buddy Holly
Weird Al Yankovic- Jerry Springer

☆12.21.05. Lions, Tigers, Bears, Oh My!☆
ART-SCHOOL- Butterfly Kiss
ART-SCHOOL- Forget the Swan
Atsushi Sakurai- Yellow Pig
Clazziquai- Cat Bossa
DJ Jinu- Flower Frog Lament (Remix)
Drunken Tiger- Return of the Tiger (Basement Mix)
Ellegarden- Funny Bunny
Epik High- Swan Song
Eun Ji Won- Night Owl
hide- Pink Spider
Hitomi Shimatani- Papillion
Mr. Children- Strange Chameleon
Park Ki Young- Nabi (Butterfly)
Rene Liu- Hou Niao (Migratory Bird)
TAKE- Butterfly Grave
Teriyaki Boyz- Beef or Chicken
ZE- Unicorn

☆01.21.06. Super Colorful!☆
Akia- Pink Panties
Bonnie Pink- Orange (Towa Tei Remix)
CHAKA- Blue as the Sky
CHEMISTRY- Mirage in Blue
Fly to the Sky- Yellow Butterfly
KanJani8- Osaka Rainy Blues
Suneo Hair- Aoi Sora
Tetsu69- White Out
The Brilliant Green- Greenwood Diary
Tony An- Blue Sky
W- Shocking Pink Rose

☆05.03.06. Shut Up and Dance☆
Belanova- Mi Pregunto
Clazziquai feat. Tablo- Love Mode
Def Tech- Catch the Wave
Def Tech- Consolidation Song
GTS feat. Ryohei Yamamoto- ABSOLUTE
Joosuc- Hip Hop Music
m-flo loves Wheesung- I'M DA 1
Modjo- Lady (Hear Me Tonight)
Quruli- World's End Supernova
Ryohei Yamamoto feat. Verbal- onelove
Se7en feat. Teddy- Nan Arayo (I Know)
Super Junior- Miracle
Super Kidd- Let Me Dance
Urbandub- First of Summer
UVerworld- Ai ta Kokoro

☆06.02.06. Mixtape #1
3B☆LAB.S- Let's HappiecE! Life
Ai Otsuka-SMILY
Alan Kuo- Wake Up
at17- Bin Bin Bin
Bump of Chicken- RITOPUREIBA/Little Braver
Clash- Bow Whan
Edison Chen- Saai Hei Pt. 3
Ellegarden- My Favorite Song
Gomes the Hitman- Ashita wa Kyou to Onaji Mirai
Kangta & Vanness- Scandal
Maki Goto- Glass no Pumps
NRG- Hurray for Koreans
Suga Shikao- 19sai
The Cross- Green Dream
Tony An- Yutzpracachia
Wang Lee Hom- Ge Er Men
1st-May-2006 10:42 pm - ROTATION 06: SHUT UP AND DANCE
It's summer here, maybe spring if you're elsewhere. Summer spells heat, swimming, iced teas, grinding, beachtripping, your skin sticking to furniture, parties, flowers blooming, raves, and dancing. Here are some of my favorite summer songs (others have already been featured).

Please tell me if you've got problems downloading the songs, and I'll upload them elsewhere. ^^

track 01: Clazziquai feat. Tablo- Love Mode
Language: Korean/English
Comments: I'm sure everyone in the whole world has this song already, but I'm putting it up anyway because it's one of the perfect summer songs. Around two years ago, when I first saw Clazziquai on Pops in Seoul on the Arirang channel, they seemed so indie. And now they've caused an influx of aspiring electronica artists in Korea. Love Mode is typical up-tempo Clazziquai fare, Alex and Horan singing, with Tablo from Epik High helping out. The blending of their voices and the sound is excellent, as usual. AND ZOMG IT'S CATCHY. Don't be caught without this for spring/summer.
Download: here || Official
Buy: Vol. 4: Pinch Your Soul

track 02: Belanova- Mi Pregunto
Language: Mexican Spanish
Comments: Belanova is an electronic pop trio from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico (which is also where Gael Garcia Bernal was born). Its members are Denise Guerrero (vocals), Edgar Huerta (programming + keyboards), and Ricardo "Richie" Arriola (bass). So far they have two albums, Cocktail (2003) and Dulce Beat (2005). I like both immensely.

Although it's not fair to either artist, would it help if I say that they're like a Mexican Clazziquai? Although (1) Denise's voice isn't sultry like Horan's, but fresher and more naive-sounding, with a hint of naughtiness, like a Morning Musume girl's (Maki Goto, I guess), but not as painfully cute; (2) Denise does all the vocalwork; the guys stick to their instruments. Mi Pregunto is an upbeat number that's perfect for when you're cruising in your car.
Download: here || Official
Buy: Dulce Beat

track 03: The BABYSTARS- Sunday
Language: Japanese
Comments: The BABYSTARS are Tanaka Akihito on vocals, Takahashi Rikiya on guitar, Azami Tomaru on drums, and Ichikawa Yousuke on piano. Since their debut in 2002, they've done the 3rd opening theme for One Piece (Hikari e, and the ending theme for Yakitate!! Japan.

Sunday is a bright, cheery rock song, so different from all the ART-SCHOOL I used to post a lot of. And the PV for it is so cute. It's just video of a girl's feet, walking around Japan. Go watch it on YouTube!! You'll like the song more.
Download: here || Official
Buy: laugh to love

track 04: m-flo feat. Wheesung- I'M DA 1
Language: Korean/English
Comments: A group that, really, needs no introduction (thank God). You can't have a summer/spring rotation without and m-flo song. Verbal starts off quickly with his machinegun Konglish rapping, then Wheesung slows it down with his usual inhibition-melter voice. Then it picks up speed again, alternating between quickening and slowing down. Wheesung interrupts Verbal's rap in all the right places. It's an m-flo song. They rarely come out with bad stuff. Haul ass to download!

Trivia! Verbal's actually Korean, but he studied in Japan, where he hooked up with Taku.
Download: here
Buy: Beat Space Nine

track 05: Def Tech- Consolidation Song
Language: Japanese/English
Comments: Def Tech call themselves a 'Jawaiian Reggae unit' since Shen's Hawaiian (and does the English rapping, which isn't harsh-sounding like his American contemporaries, and is quite pleasant) and Micro's Japanese (and takes care of the Japanese rapping). Apart from 'My Way', Consolidation Song is one of the songs on their album 1x2 that stand out the most. It's laid back, soothing (to some point), perky but not too-cute rap. I don't know whether to start waving a lighter or dancing when I hear this song. I dare you to NOT sway/headbop/foot-tap to this song. I triple dog dare you. Oh yes. You shall ignore the English lyrics!
Download: here || Official
Buy: Def Tech

track 06: Ryohei Yamamoto feat. Verbal- onelove
Language: Japanese
Comments: Ryohei Yamamoto's back, back again. Ryohei Yamamoto's back, tell a friend... yeah. Seriously, Ryohei needs more love. For newbies to t3h Ryohei, he was featured along with melody. on m-flo's single Miss You, plus he did vocalwork for Heartsdales and GTS. He released an album back in 2004 called Take Over, which (to me, anyway) was one of those perfect albums, where every song is good, nothing is filler, and you can't bear to skip a song, everything is amazing. But that's just me. Voice quality? Rich, soulful, and sexy. Inhibition-melter. And his English is pretty good.

onelove doesn't differ much from his other tracks on Take Over, and I think that's a good thing. A mid-tempo R&B song with an infectious beat, with the addition of Verbal's sexy ear candy.
Download: here 2 3 (Sendspace)|| Official
Buy: onelove (Single)

track 07: Urbandub- First of Summer
Language: English
Comments: Urbandub is a popular quartet from Cebu here in the Philippines, with Gabby Alipe (vox and guitar), Lalay Lim (bass), John Mendoza (drums) and John Dinopol (lead guitar). All of their songs are in English, because they say it's the only language/dialect they can write songs in. They do emorock and kick ass. First of Summer, an adrenaline rush in song form, is their second single from their third album, Embrace.

The music video for this (which you can watch here) perfectly captures what the song is about: the temporary freedom that summer brings, the total rush of being young, and sharing it with someone you like. Just hearing it makes me want to jump in a car and drive to the hills.

I absolutely love it towards the end when Gabby pauses when he breathes: "Parked car! Night sky!" (-->more randomness) But seriously, if you get nothing else, DOWNLOAD THIS.
Download: here || Official
Buy: I don't think it's available online. If you're from Manila, though, it'd be pretty easy to find.

track 08: UVerworld- Ai ta Kokoro
Language: Japanese
Comments: I have a soft spot for rap. And I don't mean all that angry/bling&bitches MTV rap. (Okay, maybe there are a few exceptions.) If you watch Bleach, then maybe you're already familiar with them; they did D-tecnoLife, the second opening theme.

Ai ta Kokoro starts softly, with Takuya∞'s urgent, almost whispery vocals, then the rap part comes in (I have been unable to determine whether Takuya∞ also does the rapping for UVerworld, as what research I've done shows that the group doesn't have a rapper), and the song just... explodes.

If you like move, UVerworld's pretty much in the same vein, a rock song with singing and rapping parts. Except I like UVerworld more. I can't find a move song I like. Really, give this a try. They're on my 'Bands to Download More From in 2006' list.
Download: here || Official
Buy: Timeless

track 09: Super Kidd- Let Me Dance
Language: Korean/English
Comments: It's hard not to listen to Let Me Dance and not feel like dancing. You've got your police sirens, catchy riffs, rapping, a catchy chorus, the jumpy-fun feel of the whole song... it's disco-punk (or as the group Pedicab would say, 'dunk'). It's like Psycho Le Cemu on a sugar high. I'm running out of words. Just download already and listen for yourself.
Download: here
Buy: Vol. 1: Super Kidding Time

track 10: Se7en feat. Teddy- I Know
Language: Korean
Comments: I heard that this was a remake of a Seo Taiji song, which I would love to hear (hint hint). Se7en's version doesn't deviate from his typical style: pop/dance tracks heavily influenced by R&B, with ZOMGCATCHY beats. Watch the MV if you can, too. (SE7EN IN A BATHTUB!) Oh yes. The Sendspace file will say 'It's Difficult'. That's because that was how Babelfish translated it. Yes.
Download: here 2 || Official
Buy: 24/7

track 11: Quruli- World's End Supernova
Language: Japanese/English
Comments: I hope no one's tiring of all the Quruli that sneaks its way into my rotations. I'm sorry, I can't help it. World's End Supernova is an epic (when I see the word 'epic' to describe music on other rotation sites, I think of orchestras and Vikings, for some reason, and end up not downloading the song at all. And when I see the word 'catchy' used to describe a song, I download it immediately -->off-topic blabbing) electronica/pop/rock song from the quartet from Osaka. You'd think that the catchy, repetitive beats clash with Kishida's slow emo, slightly nasal drawl, but the result is something sonically gorgeous, something you'd want to get up and dance to.
Download: here || Official

track 12: Modjo- Lady (Hear Me Tonight)
Language: English
Comments: I had a hard time finding this because I thought it was an Enrique Iglesias song. Their voices are that similar. Great rave music.
Download: here
Buy: Modjo

track 13: GTS feat. Ryohei Yamamoto- Absolute
Language: Japanese/English
Comments: This song is so infectiously techno. It strangely reminds me of trains and lasers and outer space. And Travelling by Utada Hikaru, despite the fact that they sound nothing alike. Take that as you will. Excellent mixing and Ryohei's pantymelter of a voice (although this is more evident on his ballads and R&B tracks)= hot summer song.

I am so glad that Ryohei Yamamoto didn't disappear or fade into obscurity after the release of his first album. He definitely needs more love, so expect more Ryohei Yamamoto in future rotations.
Download: here 2 (Sendspace)|| Official (GTS)
Buy: electheque

track 14: Joosuc- Hip Hop Music
Language: Korean
Comments: Yes, I am of the soft spot for hiphop/R&B. Hip Hop Music isn't the hard rap song you're expecting (I don't really like those anyway), but a fun, catchy song about, uh, hip hop music. Lim Jeong Hee's powerful vocals compliment Joosuc's rapping. She was also featured in Wang Lee Hom's song Perfect Interaction, which I also liked.
Download: here || Official
Buy: Vol. 4: Seoul City's Finest: Superior Vol. 2


track 15: Def Tech- Catch the Wave
Language: Japanese/English
Comments: Off Def Tech's latest album. Slower than Def Tech's usual songs, although not ballad-y at all. Catchy still. And even though I can't get over the fact that despite the presence of somone who's probably got a great grasp of the English language, the English lyrics always seem to be shoddily written. Doesn't really matter, I guess. Just try to ignore it if you're picky about things like that. It's really a nice song, despite the choice of lyrics.
Download: here || Official
Buy: Catch the Wave

track 16: Super Junior- Miracle
Language: Korean
Comments: What's a summer/spring-themed rotation without a Korean boyband? Super Junior is SM Entertainment's latest addition to their stable of lucrative talented artists, among whom are BoA and Dong Bang Shin Gi. So far, there are 12 of them (The members, in order from oldest to youngest, are Ee Teuk, Hee Chul, Han Kyung, Yeh Sung, Kang In, Shin Dong, Sung Min, Eun Hyuk, Dong Hae, Shi Won, Ryeo Wook, and Ki Bum. Thanks to Wiki for the info) Miracle is your typical feel-good-y pop song about how the miracle of love changes things. Awww. I'm a sucker for these kinds of songs. And the eye candy helps, too.
Download: here || Official
Buy: Super Junior 05


Bump of Chicken
Arue PV
Harujion PV
Lamp PV
Melody Flag PV
Only Lonely Glory PV
Ritopureiba PV
Stage of the Ground PV 2

Morning Musume:
Do It! Now!
Go Girl! Koi no Victory!
Happy Summer Wedding
Love Machine
Renai Revolution 21
SEXY BOY ~Soyokaze ni Yorisotte~
Shabondama (Asia Mix)
Sou Da! We're Alive!
Summer Night Town
The Peace!

Clear Sky PV
Dramatic Neo Anniversary PV
Hill PV
Yuugai no Tenshi PV

Aoi Sora PV
Baby I Love You PV
Birthday PV
Harukaze PV



Hey guys, sorry for the late update. To call my first year at college hectic would be the understatement of the year. ^^ But it's summer, I'm back, and thrilled to play DJ once again.

Oh right. I have requests too. I will love you and bear your children if you can help me out (or not).
1. W's (not the H!P group) album Where the Story Ends. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF CHEESE.
3. ANY SUNEO HAIR PVs, besides Wake mo Shiranaide
5. ANY SUPERCAR PVs (apart from White Surf Style 5 and BE) and albums (apart from OOHYeah!)

I've decided to grant requests! I'll post my music list ASAP, so keep checking back! ALSO. I APOLOGIZE FOR RAPING YOUR F-LISTS WITH THIS HUGE-ASS POST. YES.

Next rotation: MAY 30
THEME: TBA (Suggest a theme?)

21st-Jan-2006 12:17 pm - Rotation 05: Super Colorful!
Do you see through rose-colored glasses, love skies of blue and seas of green, walk on sunshine, black out? Here's the color rotation. ^^


track 01: W- Shocking Pink Rose
Language: Korean
Comments: I first saw their MV on Arirang, and I got hooked immediately. Immediately. They sound like Clazziquai (not surprisingly, they're also managed by FLUXUS), Casker, and Roller Coaster, light pop-electronica (poptronica). Shocking Pink Rose is one of the most frickingly catchy songs ever created (I love every W song I hear), and you should do yourself a favor and download it.
Download: here

track 02: Chaka- Blue as the Sky
Language: Japanese
Comments: I love the opening for this, with the random xylophone (actually it sounds more like running your finger over the teeth of a comb) then the piano... wow. This is one of my really *hearted* pieces of CCS music, the other being Tooi Kono Machi De. Blue as the Sky is a boppy R&B/jazz offering (there's a lot of that in this rotation) from the Card Captor Sakura Movie 2 OST.
Download: here
Buy: It's from the CCS Movie 2 Soundtrack. I believe some Italian sites sell it.

track 03: Bonnie Pink- Orange (Towa Tei Remix)
Language: Japanese
Comments: I bow down to Towa Tei. Mostly because he's so cool. He was the guy who remixed Kylie Minogue's German, Bold, Italic (music geek trivia!). And because he remixed this Bonnie Pink classic so well, taking pop and transforming it into a laidback, trippy poptronica song. I must find more Towa Tei music.
Download: here
Buy: re PINK

track 04: Fly to the Sky- Yellow Butterfly
Language: Korean
Comments: Off FTTS's latest album. While I haven't exactly been following their careers, this sounds so completely different from all the ballads that they're popular for. On Yellow Butterfly, Hwan Hee and Brian hip up their act by including hiphop/RnB elements, which flaunt their soulful voices that mesh together in a dancy chillout song. After giving it a listen, I thought maybe it wasn't FTTS. (Is it?) It's my favorite FFTS song.
Download: here || Official
Buy: Vol. 6: Transition

track 05: KanJani8- Osaka Rainy Blues
Language: Japanese
Comments: KanJani 8 is a boy band (8 CUTE guys from Osaka) under Johnny's Entertainment, who specialize in updating the enka trend by adding stuff that will appeal to the youth (Heard of rap and rock in enka? They do it!). While the rap/rock elements of their other classic Naniwa Irohi Bushi aren't as prominent in Osaka Rainy Blues, this is still a pretty good song, a cross between traditional music and power rock. I imagine people holding lighters and swaying to the chorus.
Download: here
Buy:Osaka Rainy Blues

track 06: Tetsu69- White Out
Language: Japanese
Comments: I love the wailing at the beginning of the song, and when Tetsu sings softly at the beginning, then just fricking explodes during the chorus. On songs like these, I just absolutely love Tetsu more than Hyde.
Download: here
Buy: WHITE OUT- memory of a color

track 07: Suneo Hair- Aoi Sora
Language: Japanese
Comments: Suneo Hair is one of the best sonic 'discoveries' I had last year, and I'm psyched that I have enough SH music to share with everyone! This song is just catchy and feel-good. It rubs you with catchy and feelgoodness (a break from all the ART-SCHOOL angst!). The vocalist reminds me of the lead singer of The Pillows sometimes (other times the vocalist for AKFG), especially when he sings really low.
Download: here
Buy: a watercolor

track 08: CHEMISTRY- Mirage in Blue
Language: Japanese
Comments: For a while I was so pissed at this song. I would see the MV while I would be eating breakfast, and they'd NEVER finish it. But the song is good. Catchy. It reminds me of sweltering summer days beside inviting bodies of water.
Download: here
Buy: Mirage in Blue (single version)

track 09: Akia- Pink Panties
Language: Japanese/English
Comments: I've had this song for YEARS, and I don't tire of listening to it. It also kind of kept me sane during my month and a half sojourn in Beijing. Pink Panties is a fun R&B/pop song with a relaxed vibe, perfect for just chilling out at home or burning out.
Download: here

track 10: The Brilliant Green- Greenwood Diary
Language: English
Comments: When I was just getting into the J-music scene, Buri Guri was one of the artists recommended to me. I've loved them ever since hearing Rainy Days Never Stays. While Tommy's English sometimes leaves something to be desired (what?!?) [Lonely in Gorgeous, anyone?], it's generally tolerable. There are worse. And I forgive her because she's cute. Greenwood Diary (apart from reminding me of Koko wa Greenwood) is a soft, guitar-driven pop song accented by Tommy's breathy vocals.
Download: here
Buy: I cannot find this on any of their CDs on CDJapan. That doesn't mean you shouldn't buy it when you get the chance, though.

Language: Japanese
Comments: NAKANOMORI BAND is an all-girl quartet that rocks so much it isn't funny. PINK MONSTER is one of the BEST tracks on their album, capturing in a nutshell (or a song) what NAKANOMORI BAND does best: rock out and have fun doing it. Plus I'm a sucker for songs that involve clapping. Seriously, download this if you hate everything else.
Download: here
Buy: Oh My Darlin'- Girls Having Fun

track 12: Asian Kung-Fu Generation- BLACKOUT
Language: Japanese
Comments: Sometimes songs charm me just by their opening riffs. BLACKOUT is one of them. The opening will melt your socks off and make your head bop.
Download: here || Official

track 13: Tony An- Blue Sky
Language: Korean
Comments: Off of ex-JTL prodigy Tony An's debut solo album. Tony An's voice is like silk against naked skin (for me, anyway). Blue Sky is a lazy, calming ballad that, for some strange reason, reminds me of pools and sunbathing. I love this song.
Download: here
Buy: Vol. 1: Believe

Language: Japanese
Comments: Download if you like punk rock on the verge of emo, a slightly more polished ART-SCHOOL.
Download: here || Official

Next rotation: February 14
THEME: REMAKES! (or Romance songs. Whichever.)
Sorry for the late update, but here's the promised big rotation!

track 01: ZE- Unicorn
Language: Korean
Comments: This is the second time I've put up ZE, and I still haven't found out anything about them. My proficiency in the inability to read/speak/write Korean astounds even me. I imagine Unicorn being played at those high school prom thingies, and the single song even those goth kids might want to dance to. (Unless there's Fall Out Boy or My Chemical Romance) Images of couples come to mind whenever I hear this, getting out to the dance floor, dancing cheek to cheek (How Fred Astaire). If you're into slow rock ballads, this one's quite good.

And hey, if anyone can give me information on ZE, like the names of the band members, etc. etc., you can request a song or two. ^^
Download: here
Buy: Sorry, Annyoung.com doesn't seem to stock it.

track 02: ART-SCHOOL- Butterfly Kiss
Language: Japanese
Comments: Okay, this is like the nth time that I've put ART-SCHOOL up. But hey, it's good for you. Butterfly Kiss holds a special place in my ART-SCHOOL collection, as it was what got me hooked on ART-SCHOOL in the first place. Don't be fooled by the name; this is one of those songs that'll look great in your alternative Jrock mp3 collection beside your Quruli and Suneo Hair. Unlike many ART-SCHOOL songs, this actually sounds different from the usual headbanging angstangstangst that the band's better known for. It starts out light, then Riki Kinoshita starts singing, and the singing's unlike Fiona Apple Girl or Winona Ryder Android: he doesn't rock out and scream his pain; he tames his raw vocals into something more polished. This is a good thing. I especially love it when he sings out "Tonight, tonight."
Download: here
Buy: Boys Don't Cry

track 03: Epik High- Swan Song
Language: Korean
Comments: If there's one reason to love Epik High, it's because of Tablo. Since he lived in the States for a while and studied at Harvard (!) Stanford (!), Epik High has some of the most grammatically-correct and properly-uttered English lyrics ever written in Korea. And of course, they come up with catchy songs.

Swan Song is yet another slow R&B/rap song from Epik High. Nothing groundbreaking, but worth it if you're an Epik High fan.
Download: here || Official
Buy: Swan Songs

track 04: Ellegarden- Funny Bunny
Language: Japanese
Comments: ELLEGARDEN is a quartet with Takeshi Hosomi on vocals, Shinichi Ubukata on guitar, Yuichi Takada on bass, and Hirotaka Takahashi on drums. They were formed in Chiba, in 1998. They released their first album, ELLEGARDEN, in 2001.

Song sound familiar? If you're a Pillows fan, then you're right. While I enjoy ELLEGARDEN's Japanese work, I tend to stay away from their English songs, since they tend to sound like the Western counterparts they're trying to imitate. This song, taken from the 2004 Pillows tribute, is an updated, rockier version of the original. I prefer the Pillows' version better, which for me had more oomph, but ELLEGARDEN's attempt isn't bad either.
Download: here || Info Official
Buy: Synchronized Rockers

track 05: Eun Ji Won- Night Owl
Language: English/Korean
Comments: Eun Ji Won used to rap for the group Sechskies, but went solo in 2001 when they disbanded. He also pursued an acting career on the side, starring in the movie High School Girl Gets Married, which I enjoyed immensely.

Night Owl is a fun rap song made for parties, with a beat that reminds me of both Usher and Nelly.
Download: here
Buy: Vol 4: The Second Round

track 06: TAKE- Butterfly Grave
Language: Korean
Comments: TAKE is a quartet made up of leader, rapper and subvocalist Kim Dowan, rapper Nathan Lee Seung-hyun, lead vocalist Shin Seung-hee, and lead vocalist Jang Sung-jae. For reasons that I cannot translate, the fifth member, Lee Min-hyuk, left TAKE and pursued an acting career, starring as Song Seung Hoon's friend in the hit Korean movie, He Was Cool.

Honestly, I'm not very big on ballads, but I was hooked on Butterfly Grave from the first listen. They actually sound like a boy group put together not because of their good looks (or not just because of their good looks), but because they can really sing. I like how their voices blend, high and low mixing together perfectly to make this swoony, bittersweet love song. And while TAKE does have rappers, this is a no-nonsense ballad. No rapping. Download.
Download: here
Buy: To Girls (Single)

track 07: Drunken Tiger- Return of the Tiger (Basement Mix)
Language: English/Korean
Comments: It can be said that Drunken Tiger is one of the foundations of Korean rap/hiphop. In 1992, when Tiger JK was 18, Ice Cube released a song called Black Korea, which was about a Korean storekeeper shooting a 15 year-old black girl. In the song, Ice Cube called Koreans 'Oriental one-penny counting motherfuckers'. JK felt it his responsibility to break the stereotype.

While attending hiphop shows in South Central LA, JK met up with DJ Shine, and Drunken Tiger was established in 1997. They debuted in 1999 with Return of the Tiger, which is a reference to JK's unsuccessful solo debut years earlier. Their earlier music videos were banned from television and certain restrictions put on them, but Drunken Tiger has persevered... I'm not exactly sure, though, but I think DJ Shine left? Correct me if I'm wrong.

How does this differ from the original? It has an additional minute and a half or so of DJ Shine and Tiger JK talking, so if you're able to understand Korean, then great. The beat's also slower.
Download: here || Official US

track 08: DJ Jinu- Flower Frog Lament (Remix)
Language: unknown
Comments: Trance and electronica fascinate me. And I'm a big-ish fan of the Eastronika compilations, which is a compilation of electronica from both Korea and Japan.

Flower Frog Lament is a pretty strange piece, starting with someone who sounds like Ned Gerblansky from South Park (the guy with the voicebox), then random people making random noises, doowop style. It's so bloody catchy that you must give it a listen. It sounds like stuff I'd play at art exhibits, or during casual parties.
Download: here || Official
Buy: Eastronika Episode 1

track 09: Rene Liu- Hou Niao (Migratory Bird)
Language: Mandarin
Comments: Apart from being an accomplished singer, Rene Liu is also an actress, and has starred in three popular HK movies: 20, 30, 40 (which I've been meaning to watch for quite some time now), Double Vision (with Tony Leung), and A World Without Thieves (with the still-snoggable Andy Lau). To date, I have seen none of her movies.

This song can be found on the OST (which Mayday composed. How I heart them.) for the Taiwanese movie Hou Niao, or Migratory Bird, which Rene Liu starred in. Mayday also did a version of Hou Niao with Glay, and whose version I like depends on the mood I'm in, because I like both. A LOT. Mayday's rendition seems sharper, and of course, has Ashin's passionate wildman vocals. Mayday's is definitely rockier, while Rene's is more mellow. It's nice to hear the contrast between the heavy instruments and Rene's soft voice.
Download: here || Official
Buy: Migratory Bird OST

track 10: hide- Pink Spider
Language: Japanese
Comments: hide, or Hideto Matsumoto, was known as Gibson in primary school, because he almost always carried his first guitar (a Gibson) around, playing KISS songs, which he would later say influenced his songs. He is also a certified beautician, having attended cosmetology and fashion school. He was also a blood and bone marrow donor, and involved in various medical aid foundations.

This version of Pink Spider (the last single he released before he died) is live, but I don't know what concert it's from. It's classic hide, so if you're new to Jrock or want to get into it, this is a good start.
Download: here
Buy: Ja Zoo

track 11: Teriyaki Boyz- Beef or Chicken
Language: Japanese
Comments: Teriyaki Boyz is a collaborative effort (side project?) from some of the most talented rappers in the J-music scene. Members are Verbal from m-flo, Ilmari and Ryo-Z from Rip Slyme, Wise from Apesounds, and Nigo, founder of Apesounds and a global fashion icon and fashion designer for Bathing Ape. Their Beastie Boys-produced debut, Beef or Chicken, also features rapper Pharell from rap duo N.E.R.D.

Beef or Chicken is a catchy rap song, with the very-m-flo-style inserting random English phrases into Japanese lyrics. Towards the end, the members start ordering food. Bet you can't guess what they want.
Download: here || Official 2
Buy: Beef or Chicken

track 12: ART-SCHOOL- Forget the Swan
Language: Japanese
Comments: This must be the second or third time I'm professing my love for ART-SCHOOL. Off their newest album, Paradise Lost (is Riki-kun channeling Milton these days?), Forget the Swan is another raw, headbanging song from the group. Although most ART-SCHOOL songs seem to sound alike these days. I wonder if they'll try experimenting with electronica anytime soon?
Download: here || Official

track 13: Clazziquai- Cat Bossa
Language: Korean
Comments: Clazziquai's so popular these days, so I decided to rotate a few of their lesser-known songs. Cat Bossa is a soft, languid bossa nova piece done with Christine (or Horan? Correct me if I'm wrong) on vocals. The lyrics are odd, "Gently brushing myself/Get up and pet me/Get up and feed me with healthy food". It's an amusing little ditty that I imagine to be used in commercials that show picture-perfect housewives in their spotless houses.
Download: here || Official
Buy: Vol. 1: Instant Pig

track 14: Atsushi Sakurai- Yellow Pig
Language: Japanese
Comments: Atsushi Sakurai, while better known for his vocal work with his 20something year-old band BUCK-TICK, isn't bad solo. Which is why he has earned the right to have a picture of himself tacked up on my closet with him grabbing his crotch.

If Hell had an orchestra and a choir plus a few DJs and turntables, and they all got together to do a song, the result would be Yellow Pig. It sounds like some very restrained Japanese death metal. Or something Hades would probably keep on full blast in the underworld. Or something those pyramid slavedrivers blasted from their Egyptian boomboxes. ... Yeah.
Download: here
Buy: Ai no Wakusei

track 15: Hitomi Shimatani- Papillion
Language: Japanese
Comments: Like Jessica Simpson stole borrowed the beat from John Cougar Mellencamp's classic Jack and Diane, Hitomi Shimatani does the same with Janet Jackson's popular Doesn't Really Matter, even singing the 'baby baby' lines in the original.

I actually like this song very much. It doesn't stray from the original much, save for the lyrics, which are, of course, in Japanese, and different. It's catchy, it's danceable. But best of all, it's recommended. Papillion means 'butterfly' in French, so it fits in the theme! ^__^
Download: here
Buy: Delicious! The Best of Hitomi Shimatani

track 16: Mr. Children- Strange Chameleon
Language: Japanese
Comments: Like The Pillows, Mr. Children is a Japanese music institution, having been around for almost as long as the former. Vocal work comes from Kazutoshi Sakurai, who also does guitar duty, Suzuki Hideya does drums, Nakagawa Keisuke, bass, and Tahara Kenichi, guitar. Fans of The Pillows tend to like Mr. Children because their style, feel, and sound are similar.

Strange Chameleon is a six-minute rock spectacle, flaunting Sakurai's rockstar abilities. I actually like the cover better than the original.
Download: here || Official Info
Buy: Synchronized Rockers

track 17: Park Ki Young- Butterfly
Language: Korean
Comments: This took a long time to find. It was requested on Pops in Seoul, and while I tried requesting for it on other Kpop music comms/sites, I didn't get any results. So when I finally found it, I played it to death.

While I probably say this of most my songs, I love Butterfly. It starts off with PKY's soft voice and acoustic guitar, then it builds up to the chorus, and then just explodes into an amazing pop-rock song. PKY's vocals are just mind-blowing, she can hit 'em high, she can hit 'em low. (I will never say that ever again.) Her voice here reminds me of Ayako Nakanomori's of NAKANOMORI BAND (whose poprockness I also heart). Must-download! You really should. *goes off to look for more PKY*
Download: here
Buy: Vol. 5: Be Natural

Feel free to check out previous rotations as well; I'm sure they're still active. If the link to the song you want is dead, just comment and I'll do my best to reup it for you as soon as possible. ^^


(1) Oh, the things that you say...
(2) Come Sail Away
(3) Super Colorful!
(4) Girls, Girls, Girls

Okay, so I took the names from songs. :P Cast your votes before JANUARY 26, 2006. If you're going to comment anyway, might as well vote, right?

P.S. Does anyone watch Paradise Kiss? I am SO hooked on it. I heart the opening theme, I heart the ending theme. I also heart fansubs! I wish they'd release #5 soon.

P.P.S. Who watches House? I just finished watching the first season and I still can't believe this is on Fox.
This rotation (mostly) contains the names of fictional characters (a hefty bunch of them from literature, you'll see), but still famous.

track 01: Quruli- Amadeus
Comments: Quruli is a four-man rock band from Kyoto that sometimes mix techno and house elements into their music, producing a unique sound truly all their own. It has Shigeru Kishida on vocals and guitar, Tasshin Ohmura on guitar, Masashi "Moshie" Satoh on bass, and Christopher McGuire on drums. They have recently released their sixth album, entitled Nikki.

Quruli is one of my most treasured 'discoveries' this year, along with Suneo Hair and Nell. Amadeus is a more subdued (considering this came from The World is Mine, which had such gems as Go Back to China and Mind the Gap, this is REALLY different) Quruli effort, a slowish piece with violins and classical piano, and Shigeru's vocals interspersed throughout the song, a rare Quruli ballad. While this is not really the song to get you hooked on this fabulous group, it's still worth a listen.
Download: here || Official

track 02: BUCK-TICK- Mona Lisa
Comments: The beginning of Mona Lisa sounds like something a DJ would play during lulls at a club, or something you might hear at a strip club (Is it just me, or does it seem like every BUCK-TICK song I put up seems to give off the strip-club feel?). Then the drums and heavy guitars come in. Then the killer rapping, and eventually, Atsushi's panty-creaming vocals. The rap-rockness of the whole song reminds me vaguely of Psycho le Cemu's Chou Supa Happy, except Mona Lisa is definitely darker.
Download: here || Official
Buy: Mona Lisa Overdrive

track 03: Nell- Peter Pan is Dead
Comments: Nell is a Korean rock quartet composed of vocalist Kim Jong Wan, guitarist Lee Jae-Kyung, bassist Lee Jung Hoon, and drummer Jung Jae-won. They named themselves after the 1994 Jodi Foster film of the same name. They have four albums to date: Reflections of Nell, Speechless, Let it Rain, and Walk Through Me.

I love Nell. I really, really heart Nell. Part of the reason I love them so much is because of Kim Jong Wan, who manages to cover a wide range of emotions with his voice, from desperation and fear to passion and hope. And he conveys emotions so well that you sometimes feel what you think you're supposed to be feeling when you listen to the songs. I've compared the lead vocalist of ZE to Jong Wan, how both guys' voices tend to get all breathy and desperate-sounding, but I suppose that's an unfair comparison. ZE's lead vocalist (still no clue on what his name is) has a more mature feel to it, while Jong Wan's still has the angst of youth. Peter Pan is Dead is a catchyish Nell rock ballad, which shows off Jong Wan's desperatebreathyangsty vocals. The English at the end is so inspiring. Plus, JW's English is actually quite good. Oi you! Do yourself a favor and download this!
Download: here || Official
Buy: Walk Through Me

track 04: Angela- Ni Hao, Zhou Jie Lun
Comments: I couldn't get any information on the particular Angela that sings this song. I tried checking Angela Zhang's discography, but I couldn't find it on any of her albums. Ni Hao, Zhou Jie Lun, is a catchy dance track, with Angela rap-singing her lines, which makes the whole song work. I imagine it could be played at clubs and remixed with lots of heavy heart-thumping bass. And who is Zhou Jie Lun? Jay Chou, of course.
Download: here
Buy: It's a mystery to me. Inform me if you know who Angela is.

track 05: Harry and the Potters- Save Ginny Weasley
Comments: Harry and the Potters is an indie pop/rock duo formed by Joe DeGeorge and his brother Paul. They sing about all things Harry Potter, with amusing titles such as Luna Lovegood is OK, Cornelius Fudge is an Ass, and Stick it to Dolores. So far, they have released three albums as Harry and the Potters: their self-titled debut, Voldemort Can't Stop the Rock!, and A Magical Christmas of Magic.

Save Ginny Weasley was the first song that got me interested in Harry and the Potters. It's a charming, catchy little number set in Book 2's timeline. While the brothers' voices don't stand out, the beat and lyrics make up for that. But of course all you Harry Potter fans have this already.
Download: here || Official
Buy: Harry and the Potters

track 06: Lords of the Rhymes- Nine Fingered Frodo
Comments: Who says Tolkien and rap don't go together? The Lords of the Rhymes are made up of two rappers, Quickbeam and Bombadil (who dress up like Ents), and DJ Radagast the Brown. Their songs are basically hobbitized/LOTRized versions of all the 'look-how-I'm-living-it-up-with-bling-women-and-Cristal' rap songs by Nelly/Chingy/whoever. But these, of course, are better. They are also very fond of Elf girls.

Nine Fingered Frodo is one of the best songs written about hobbits ever. Even if you don't like rap but are mad about Tolkien, or even if it's the other way around, check this out. ^^
Download: || Official
Buy: Lords of the Rhymes

track 07: My Little Airport- Gigi Leung is Dead
Comments: My Little Airport is a kitschy Hong Kong indie pop duo, with members P (Lam Ping, songwriter, guitars, keyboards) and Nicole Au Kin-ying on vocals. Their song titles remind me of the way Fall Out Boy name theirs (An example being I Can't Download Good AV --Adult Video-- Like Iris Does and Leo, Are You Still Jumping Out of Windows in Expensive Clothes?)

My Little Airport's music takes a few listens to fully appreciate. I'm not good with genres, but I think it's a mix of synth pop and punk. This (really short) song is mostly about a girl wanting to spend time with someone and not go to school, followed by several repetitions of 'Gigi Leung is deaaaddd..." Nicole's English is comprehensible at best. A download for the curious. I wonder what Gigi Leung thinks about this song. ^^
Download: here || Official
Buy: Because I Was Too Nervous at That Time

track 08: Tony Goldmark- Sirius Black
Comments: I love this song. If you wonder how Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy might fare as rappers ("HP and D-Mal in the house, 'yo..."), then do yourself a favor and download this song, which summarizes Harry's third year at Hogwarts quite nicely/accurately (Agnes Nutter, anyone?). Download it just to hear Draco (oh yes, this is not Tom Felton and Daniel Radcliffe, fangirls. Chill.) whine, "Professor, Potter here won't let me represent for the dark side." And hear Snape say, "Potter, if you don't let Malfoy kick it old school, it's detention." Plus it samples 'Something Wicked This Way Comes'.
Download: here
Buy: Rage Against the Mundane

track 09: ART-SCHOOL- Winona Ryder Android
Comments: ART-SCHOOL is a four piece indie rock band from Osaka, formed in 2000 with then-soloist Riki Kinoshita, who wanted to try his hand at forming a band. The other original members of ART-SCHOOL were Jun Ooyama (guitars), Hinata Hidekazu (bass), and Yuichi Sakurai (drums). They debuted at the Shitakitazawa Shelter in 2000 and released a couple of independent mini-albums before being signed to Toshiba EMI in 2002, when they released their first studio album, REQUIEM FOR INNOCENCE, with the single DIVA. Hinata and Ooyama left in 2003; Ooyama saying fatigue being the cause of his leaving, Hinata saying that he wanted to pursue other projects. He is now with Zazen Boys. Masafumi "Kenji" Tokada eventually replaced Jun, while Takeshi Uno replaced Hinata. In 2005, they switched labels to Pony Canyon (w-inds.' label), and released their latest album, Paradise Lost.

Winona Ryder Android starts out with a catchy, almost pop-py guitar riff, which lulls you into a strange sense of pop comfort. Then the whole song explodes, and then Riki-kun starts singing, almost screaming, his emotions laid bare for everyone to listen to and be affected by. Try not to headbang to this rock anthem.
Download: here || Official
Buy: Boys Don't Cry 1 2

track 10: Falco- Rock Me Amadeus
Comments: Okay, history lesson time. Falco (or Johann Hölzel) was born in Vienna, Austria, and studied at the Vienna Music Conservatory. Before rising to brief international fame in the 80s, he was the bassist of the Austrian rock band Drahdiwarberl. He is most famous (internationally, at least) for this song, which is inspired by the movie Amadeus. Far from falling into the so-80s trap of being a one hit wonder, Falco released eight albums and one remix album during his lifetime. Unfortunately for the music world, Falco died in 1998 when his SUV collided with a bus in the Dominican Republic.

I remember that it was my dad who introduced me to this song when I was very young. It was in-your-face German rap with a pop melody, and possibly my first taste of music from other countries. When I saw the music video for it, which shows Falco in Mozart-era attire traipsing through a large mansion with other people dressed in Mozart-era fashion, I loved it even more. German rap is good. So download.
Download: here
Buy: Falco's Greatest Hits (and you thought he had only one) Falco 3

track 11: Weezer- Buddy Holly
Comments: The term 'geek rock' appealed to me, when, years ago, I downloaded my first Weezer song (I think it was Island in the Sun). I like Rivers Cuomo's whiny voice, although I'm not as rabid a fan of their music as I could be. Buddy Holly is a fun, upbeat rock song, a break from all the slow, angsty J-rock (coughART-SCHOOLcough) that has found its way onto this rotation. I use the term 'shoulder-shaking' very lightly.
Download: here
Buy: Weezer

track 12: Shifty- Lolita
Comments: Shifty used to be one of the rappers for the rap/rock group Crazy Town, and when they disbanded, he went solo. His first single from his debut album Happy Love Sick, a feel-the-vibes-of-summer offering, was Slide Along Side (which was just okay; I liked Crazy Town's work more than Shifty's solo stuff).

Lolita is a slick, catchy summer song that brings to mind house parties, dancing on beaches with cocktails or a beer in hand while flirting with a cute guy, and cold showers on hot, sticky summer days. I love it.
Download: here || Official
Buy: Happy Love Sick

track 13: ART-SCHOOL- Fiona Apple Girl
Comments: Riki Kinoshita absolutely rocks my socks and it's not funny. He used to be a slacker, drinking a lot, living off the money his mom sent him, and spending his days watching a movie a day. Now he's been described as 'artsy-fartsy personified', with the whole tall-and-skinny-angsty-writer-with-a-bowl-cut thing going for him. In the acknowledgments/shout-outs/thank-yous part of ART-SCHOOL's old CD jackets, he gave props to Arthur Rimbaud (the French poet), Chuya Nakahara (a Japanese poet), Kurt Cobain, and Martin Scorsese. Among the artists he listens to are Fountains of Wayne, Cat Power, and Death Cab for Cutie. In ART-SCHOOL's PVs, he looks so lonely and skinny that you can't help but want to hug him and take care of him. ^^

While Fiona Apple Girl isn't the ideal ART-SCHOOL song for the beginner (try Winona Ryder Android), it's good if you want to complete your ART-SCHOOL collection. Admittedly, it's an average ART-SCHOOL song, not one of their best, but try if you're curious. More people need to translate ART-SCHOOL songs so I can bloody understand what Riki-san's saying.
Download: here || Official

track 14: Weird Al Yankovic- Jerry Springer
Comments: What's a name-themed rotation without Weird Al? This parody of what goes on during Jerry Springer shows is set to the song One Week by the Barenaked Ladies, which I also love. ^^
Download: here
Buy: Running With Scissors

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Please get your votes in BEFORE DECEMBER 20. I'll do a big rotation for the theme that wins.
20th-Nov-2005 11:15 pm - ROTATION 02: GASTRONOMIQUE
Before this theme won and I did my research, I didn't realize that there were so many songs with the words 'Cherry' and 'Honey', particularly (but not limited to) the J-music scene. ^^

track 01: Annie- Chewing Gum
Comments: When Norwegian pop sensation Annie and pop producer Richard X work together, the result is some pretty explosive, catchy technopop. Alright, Chewing Gum suffers the same fate as most Europop, with uninspired (but undeniably amusing) lyrics, and an insanely, unashamedly catchy, glam-pop beat. I haven't heard her other tracks, but with her moniker 'the Scandinavian Kylie Minogue', I'm hoping to hear more from Annie.
Download: here || Official
Buy: Anniemal

Comments: INDUSTRIAL SALT is a femme duo of Alex Stamp on vocals and electric piano, and Haley Bonnick on guitar and backup. Since I'm taking up Chemistry this sem, I thought it was amusing to note that they got their name from a Chemistry book that Haley was doing her homework with. They're actually Brits, but they're trying to make names for themselves in Japan first because they're sick of a Simon-Cowell-powered music industry in the UK, hence my discovery of them on an album I'd downloaded a long time ago, ASIAN KUNG FU GENERATION Presents Nano-Mugen Compilation, which has a lot of other lesser known artists like DOGS DIE IN HOT CARS and STRAIGHTENER.

Sugar Bomb Baby is yet another insanely catchy offering, with Alex's cutesy (although far from Morning Musume fare) vocals.
Download: here || Official
Buy: A Pocket Full of Magnetic Letters or ASIAN KUNG FU GENERATION Presents Nano-Mugen Compilation

track 03: HOT- Candy
Comments: I actually discovered the MV of this before the actual song. The MV is amusing, to say the least. If seeing a really young Kang Ta and the other HOT guys dancing around in baggy clown suits and trying to win the heart of a Western Snow-White-type girl works for you, then you'll love the MV. (Okay, I did.) Candy isn't really outstanding as far as Korean pop goes, but it's a fun song to get up and go nuts to. The rapping parts still make me laugh. ^^
Download:: here
Buy: HOT Volume 1

track 04: Morning Musume- Sukiyaki
Comments: Like Korea's attempts to revive trot, Japan has been trying to revive the enka genre, which has been around since the Meiji Era. Some groups like KanJani8 (an enka boyband) have been specifically formed to revive the genre, while other singers like Ken Hirai (whose hair you must love) and MoMusu just dip their toes in the enka waters.

When I first listened to this song a year ago, my first reaction was "WTF?!", as it was not typical a ballad or a dancy-dancy-happy-happy Morning Musume song. It's just a crazy folk song. About sukiyaki. (Which, if I remember my cooking lessons correctly, does not taste good.) The song, however, still has the trademark craziness and quirkiness of a typical Morning Musume song. I suppose this was one of those songs that made me question Tsunku's sanity. Hmm.
Download: here || Official
Buy: Ai no Dai 6 Kan

track 05: BUCK-TICK- Black Cherry
Comments: When I listen to Black Cherry, I feel like I'm in a strip club, or that someone's stripping. Atsushi Sakurai possesses one of those magical voices that could turn sweet, Beth-March type girls into Paris Hiltons. He makes you want to climb on poles and do things you'd normally never do. I couldn't find any translations on Google, so I decided to Babelfish it. I ended up with nothing but gibberish, but it did come up with some sexual connotations. And it does contain the word 'stripper' in it, which makes me smile. Indeed, Atsushi Sakurai, like good wine, is better with (middle) age.
Download: here || Official
Buy: Mona Lisa Overdrive

track 06: Cibo Matto- Birthday Cake
Comments: I'd be insane to do a food-themed rotation without Cibo Matto. Cibo Matto, the New York-based Japanese duo of Miho Hatori and Yuka Honda, exploded on the American music scene in 1996, with their debut album Viva La Woman, along with other acts like Shonen Knife and Pizzicato Five, all three of which were compared to each other. (Although I don't like Shonen Knife's music.) Lots of people dismissed their music, called them a 'novelty' group, because of their quirky lyrics about food, and their strange experimental styles. In reaction to their critics, the duo released Stereo Type A, which incorporated styles ranging from soul and funk to bossa nova, hiphop, and electric pop. Cibo Matto officially retired in 2002. Miho Hatori went on to do a few tracks with Gorillaz as the voice of 2-D. She also has her own album out. Likewise, Yuka has gone on as a solo artist, with three albums out.

Birthday Cake was the first song I ever heard of Cibo Matto's (which means 'food madness' in Italian), upon reading a write-up for a soundtrack I can no longer remember. Like all Cibo Matto songs, it's got these strange lyrics about eating a birthday cake with no questions asked, with a rock/hip-hop beat, with Miho yelling out the lyrics in her passable (although accented) English.
Download: here || Official || Miho Hatori Official || Gorillaz Official || Yuka Honda Official
Buy: Viva La Woman, Stereo Type A, Yuka Honda- Memories Are My Only Witness, Miho Hatori- Ecdysis

track 07: Barenaked Ladies- Alcohol
Comments: I love the Barenaked Ladies. They make good music, they don't have sticks up their asses, kiss each other onstage, and tell the audience before shows to donate their Kraft Dinners to charity instead of heaving it on them when they play If I Had $1,000,000. And they're Canadian. Alcohol is your typical BNL song, in that it makes fun of what should be something serious. I particularly like the line Would you please ignore that you found me on the floor/Trying on your camisole? If you haven't been BNL'd before, check them out now.
Download: here || Official
Buy: Stunt

track 08: Hoku- How Do I Feel? (The Burrito Song)
Comments: Hoku Ho is the daughter of legend Don Ho (the Tiny Bubbles guy, This was popular in the Philippines a couple of years back, when I still believed in the good of radio. She may be more well-known for her song Perfect Day, which was featured on the Legally Blonde soundtrack. While she has been compared to the other pop primadonnas Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, I feel that she's closer to a hybrid Maria Mena-Michelle Branch-Avril Lavigne, with a little less kick than Maria. Hoku hasn't come out with another album since the release of her self-titled debut. How Do I Feel is probably the millionth and one breakup song in the whole wide world, but it's still one worth at least one listen.
Download: here
Buy: Hoku or Legally Blonde OST

track 09: Angry Salad- The Milkshake Song
Comments: I used to be hooked on The Jenny Jones Show so badly, which, for those of you who don't know it, was kind of like a female Jerry Springer-type show. Trash TV, basically. One day, they had this musical guest on, and their name was so amusing that I took note of it, and wrote down the lyrics so I could Google it later on. The band was Angry Salad, and this was the song they played.

Some people have compared to the Barenaked Ladies, but I think that they lack the cheek and songwriting abilities of the Ladies. They do, however, make very stick-in-your-head hooks. They also did a cover of Nina's 99 Red Balloons, which you should also check out after you download this song. ~__^ Since their self-titled debut, they have disbanded, and have reformed as Star64.
Download: here
Buy: Angry Salad

...Ingtrack 10: Jay Chou- Malt Candy
Comments: Okay, I know everyone must have November's Chopin already, but this fit the theme so well. Plus I like it. The song starts out with a country-ish feel to it, with a fiddle (or violin), and then Jay comes in, rap-singing his lines, a style which he, Wang Lee Hom, and Edison Chen must have perfected by now. The lyrics are both sweet and silly, and jam-packed with metaphors, about how maltose sugar reminds Jay of his childhood in the countryside, and a certain girl he used to explore it with. Overall, it's a feel-good pop song that conveniently fits my theme. Other sites say that the song is 'Malt Syrup', but Jay-Chou.net says it's Malt Candy.
Download: here || Official Official (HK)
Buy: November's Chopin

...Ingtrack 11: Wu Yue Tian- Yi Ke Ping Guo (One Apple)
Comments: Wu Yue Tian, or Mayday, is a Taiwanese rock group led by Ashin, with Ming (drums), Masa (bass), Monster and Stone (guitars). The artists they listen to make themselves known in their work: Original Love (which I think is an indie Cantopop group), Mr. Children, The Beatles, Dave Gilmore, and Luo Ba You. To date, they have five albums, the last one being the critically hailed Time Machine, which I found in Chinatown. ^^

One Apple is off Mayday's 2001 'farewell' album, or the last album they did before they entered military service. It's a bouncy, energetic song that's characteristic of the lighter side of Mayday. However, when they do more serious rock pieces, they really go and rock out. This album also has Hou Niao, or Migratory Bird, which they did with GLAY (the first Mayday song I ever heard). I'll upload Hou Niao sometime before the year is over, but in the meantime, enjoy One Apple.
Download: here || Official
Buy: People Life, Ocean Wild

...Ingtrack 12: Eraserheads- Fruitcake
Comments: The Eraserheads were formed by Ely Buendia (frontman, guitars), Raimund Marasigan (drums, samples, vocals), Marcus Adoro (lead guitars), and Buddy Zabala (bass), and revived a rock revolution in the Philippines, a welcome respite from the big-hair pop of the late 80s. They blended together catchy hooks with lyrics that youth could easily relate to (persevering, homosexuality, lost love, being in love with a colegiala or college girl, who, according to Filipino stereotypes, are snooty and stuck-up, etc.), and fusing into them a uniquely Filipino brand of humor. They debuted in 1993 with their album Ultraelectromagneticpop, and disbanded in 2002, when Ely Buendia abruptly left, and formed his own group, The Mongols. He also changed his name to Jesus 'Dizzy' Ventura. The remaining members of the Eraserheads formed another group with new vocalist Kris Gorra Dancel, called Cambio.

I discovered The Eraserheads pretty late, after the release of their last album Carbonstereoxide in 2001. By then they had gone into their experimentation phase, much like Radiohead with OK Computer and Oasis with Be Here Now. (Was it that?) Some journalists have proclaimed them as The Beatles of the Philippines, and, true to that label, somewhere in the middle of the song it cuts to I am the Walrus by The Beatles, and Ely starts singing in the same way John Lennon does. Although it's almost near impossible to pick a favorite Eheads song, Fruitcake would definitely be there. It's a good, solid rock song. The song is all in English.

Okay, fine. I did cakes twice.
Download: here
Buy: Anthology

...Ingtrack 13: 5566- Wasabi
Comments: 5566 are probably Taiwan's Morning Musumes, in terms of all the gimmicks they have. They were named such because they were five guys (leader Tony Sun, Jason Hsu, Sam Wang, Zax Wang, and Rio Pang) with six talents: singing, dancing, hosting, endorsing, acting, stage performing. True enough, they endorse potato chips, have starred in countless doramas (off the top of my head, they have appeared in My MVP Valentine, Westside Story, Top of the Forbidden City, Ai Shang Qian Jin Mei and Mr. Fighting) and TV variety shows, and have nine albums under their belt. Sam Wang (my sort-of favorite member) also happens to be in the boy group 183 Club, who also starred in the Taiwanese dorama, Frog Prince. Rio left after sustaining injuries while filming My MVP Valentine.

Wasabi is one of my favorite 5566 tracks, a dancy, up-tempo song with lots of weird random noises and talking. While the song mostly flaunts Tony's vocals, the others get to show off their harmonizing skills as well.
Download: here
Buy: Long Time No See (that's their latest album. Wasabi is available on 5566's first album, but it doesn't seem to be available on YesAsia.)

...Ingtrack 14: SweetS- Love★ Raspberry Juice
Comments: SweetS is composed of five cutesy, Lolita-ish (and I mean this in the Vladimir Nabokov way, not the rorikon type) 14-15 year-old girls: Akiko Kashiwagi, Ayaka Yoshimuri, Haruna Takewa, Miori Takimoto, and Mai Iwasaki. They're currently under avex, probably hoping to ride the 'Japanese fascination with youth,' as the host of Japanorama said.

Love★ Raspberry Juice (yes, the star is really there) is an unabashed dance-pop song. I guess the closest comparison to their sound is the old Mini Moni, with Aibon, Nozo, and Mari, or maybe Hello!Kids. Even though they sing about seemingly more mature things, SweetS still sound like the little girls they really are. While I still have no idea what exactly they're singing, here are some of the lyrics: Give me your love/Your body/I like it/Yeah Yeah. Wheeeeee.
Download: here
Buy: SweetS
Lyrics: here

There you go, folks, the second rotation that almost never was! Do place your votes for the next theme BEFORE DECEMBER 4. Categories are:


Also, if anyone could make any banners/avatars for soundtrackd, I'd be utterly grateful. ^__^ Enjoy the music!
3rd-Nov-2005 11:12 pm - rotation 01: The Rainy Day Ensemble
Raindrops, repetitive beats, comfy sounds, sleeping in on a cold day in a toasty warm bed, easy listening, your favorite book, slowly dying fires, taking your sweet time to do something... It's all rainy day music for this rotation.

All files have been upped using YouSendIt, Megaupload, Rapidshare, and Savefile. Kindly alert me if the YSI files have gone stale, and I'll reup them for you. ^__^

Download this song
track 01: Bonnie Pink- So Wonderful
Commments: Bonnie Pink is back with a new album, huzzah! *throws confetti* While I have yet to give the entire album (titled 'So Wonderful') a listen, here's the title track. Just ignore the fact that this song has already been posted on rotation sites/journals everywhere. ^^;; It's more upbeat than most of the tracks on this rotation, with a disco-Beegees beginning (that's a good thing) and a super-catchy beat. Ignore the fact that so many people have already uploaded this on their rotation journals. Just download! ^__^

Download this song
track 02: Brown Eyes- Love (I Wanna Fall in Love With You)
Comments: A midtempo rap song with a smooth, chocolate chorus that blends all of the artists' voices beautifully. I absolutely love everyone's performance on this track: no one's trying to outshine anyone, and the result is a warm, fuzzy song that deserves a place on your playlist. Every listen just makes me love the song more. The bells at the beginning remind me of Christmas. (How choruses can be 'chocolate', I have no idea. But apparently, I have considered 'chocolate' as a new adjective.) [/ignore me]

Download this song
track 03: Cafe Tacuba- Avientame
Comments: Off the soundtrack of the brilliant (omgGaelGarciaBernal!) film Amores Perros. It's an acoustic offering from the Mexican band, with the catchy guitar-strumming and violin complementing Ruben Albarran's silky voice, which reminds me a bit of Ken Hirai. ^__^ Extra info: Ruben's quirky, always changing his name with every new album Cafe Tacuba churns out (over eight to their name). He's been Nru, Sizu Yantra, Elfego Buendia... ad nauseum.
Download: here

Download this song
track 04: Clazziquai- Tattoo
Comments: What's a rainy day themed rotation without Clazziquai? They OWN the genre when they're not doing remixes. Here's a less popular track (that doesn't mean it's not as good as the rest) from their debut album, Instant Pig. This seductive, R&B track shows off Horan's beautiful vocals (Alex gets most of the action nowadays, doesn't he?); one of the few Horan-only songs. Horan's amazing (and a psychology major too! ^o^). Must-download!
Download:: here

Download this song
track 05: W- Bubble Shower
Comments: Bubble Shower is the perfect example of a chillout song, with sounds of dripping water inserted into the melody. And the vocalist's voice is nice: soft, yet masculine (you could bottle it and we'd call it bottled sex and make a fortune selling it). I'm sorry if I'm sounding cryptic... just download. ^__^

**To my knowledge, there are two groups performing under the stage name W. One is the ex-Morning Musume duo of Ai Kago-Nozomi, who do Tsunku-pop. The other W is the Korean group who mix different genres like pop and 'groove' (much like Clazziquai, who appeared on the MV for their single Shocking Pink Rose) and incorporate them with strange noises.
Download: here

Download this song
track 06: Dubmatique- Memoire
Comments: I don't know anything about Dubmatique, except that they're a French rap trio. Like the other rap tracks in this soundtrack, the beat's not heavy or frenetically-paced. I guess it's a plus if you like hearing French being spoken (for me it is. coughFrenchissuchaprettylanguagecough). And, by the way, is it a must for all these rap groups to feature female vocalists on their songs? And to have English choruses (or, at least English in their choruses)? Trend? Phenomenon? You tell me.
Download: here

Download this song
track 07: Epik High- I Remember (70s Soul Remix)
Comments: Unlike Paris, I Remember doesn't have breathy, ethereal female vocals, a fast, shoulder-shaking beat, or whistles. It's not turntable-heavy like Lesson 2, either. I Remember is a languid song perfect for those lazy days, watching rain slide down your bedroom window. And Tablo's English is amazing because he graduated from Stanford. (insert gasp) When I listen to this, it always reminds me of the Dubmatique song. Probably because both begin with "I remember back in the days." ^^;;
Download: here

Download this song
track 08: Barbie's Cradle- Everyday
Comments: Barbie's Cradle was a three piece pop-rock group from the Philippines, who made three albums before the lead singer Barbie Almalbis decided to pursue a solo career. Everyday is a sweet, poppy song that pretty much shows what Barbie's Cradle music is in general: wispy, cheerful, rainy day pop. Oh yes. This song is in English.
Download: here

Download this song
track 09: Rip Slyme- Tasogare Surround
Comments: Sorry if you're not into the whole rap thing, for this is yet another rap song. Don't worry, like all the other rap songs on this rotation, it's a far cry from typical Western rap fare (50 Cent, Chingy, Twista, et. al). (I have a newfound respect for webmistresses who painstakingly comment on every song they rotate. ^^) I adore the instrumentation on this track; there seem to be so many instruments involved, like the maraccas, the wooden things that you hit (ugh, that sounded stupid, but I don't know what they're called), aside from the guitars and drums. And it's got such a catchy beat it's not even funny. My favorite Rip Slyme song to date. Haul ass to download!
Download: here

Download this song
track 10: Cho Kyu Chan- I Sleep Better
Comments: This was supposed to be on the 'Science of Sleep' rotation, but I decided to put it here anyway. A pretty, guitar-driven song with a catchy melody. This is the only Cho Kyu Chan song I've heard so far, but I like his voice... it sounds kind of whiny here, but it's perfect for the song. ^__^
Download: here

Download this song
track 11: Clazziquai- Color Your Soul
Comments: OMG more Clazziquai. And another song that's been rotated everywhere. But it fits the theme of this rotation, in that it's something I listen to on rainy days. I like the saxophone interlude. Alex totally owns this song, as usual, with Horan doing the backing. Their voice mixing is SO GOOD; it reminds me of Crosby, Stills, and Nash (ask your parents, they would know. ^^;; Graham Nash was famous in the American music industry for being fantastic at harmonizing).
Download: here

Download this song
track 12: Yo La Tengo- Center of Gravity
Comments: Yo La Tengo is the husband-wife duo of guitarist Ira Kaplan and Georgia Hubley, who have gained an underground/college radio following over the years. Center of Gravity is an eclectic piece of work with androgynous vocals, maraccas and a steady guitar beat. It's been my favorite Yo La Tengo song for a long time, and when I found out that the English professor I have a massive crush on loved them too, I only liked the song more. XDD
Download:: here

Download this song
track 13: ZE- Orange Day
Comments: ZE is a new Korean group that I checked out because absolutezero yonder at Z-Degrees had recommended them, dubbing them as 'the Korean Coldplay'. I downloaded some tracks off their album, and, while they're quite far from Coldplay, they certainly have their own style from current Korean rock bands. In Orange Day, it sounds like they've used a piano, aside from the regular drums-and-guitars. The song is gorgeous; I love the tone of desperation in the lead vocalist's voice when he sings the refrain. The tone used reminds me a little of the beginning of Stay by Nell, when the lead singer gasps out, "Stay..." I want to marry the lead singer's voice. Yummy.

Download this song
track 14: Bonnie Pink- Do You Crash?
Comments: Ah, the first rotation has come full circle, beginning with Bonnie Pink, and ending with Bonnie Pink. Another acoustic-guitar-driven track. While So Wonderful shows off Bonnie Pink's genki genki side, Do You Crash? displays her more mature side. This track is from one of her earlier albums, Heaven's Kitchen.
Download: here

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